Carla Savetsky has been one of my favorite ‘go to’
women’s healthcare experts in NYC. And I have been thrilled
to have such an important resource to which to refer
those of you who desire true holistic women’s healthcare.”

~ C H R I S T I A N E  N O R T H R U P ,  M D

Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, Bantam Press

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re probably struggling with persistent health issues for which there are few answers.  (Including hormonal imbalance, pelvic pain, “mystery illness”, autoimmunity, fatigue, weight gain, “unexplained infertility” and more.)

You recognize the need for support and guidance that go beyond conventional medicine and the holistic modalities you’ve experienced up until now.

You may have tried everything, but nothing has led to lasting change and resolution.

That’s because the root of your problem runs deeper than the physical body. To truly heal you need to address the emotional and psycho-spiritual causes that underlie your health condition.

That’s exactly what I help you to access, alongside natural remedies and wise guidance.

Debbie“Carla is my secret weapon! I was suffering with hormonal imbalance, perimenopause and emotional eating patterns. She has helped me with all that and more. Her combination of holistic gynecologist, intuitive healer, wisdom sharer, and coach for transitions and transformations is so powerful. Love her!”

– Debbie K., Writer, Consultant, and New York Times Best Selling Author

I’m Carla Savetsky, PA-MS, and I’ve spent over twenty years guiding women through a genuinely holistic process of healing designed to unearth the root cause of illness and create change on the deepest level.

With my work, you’ll experience a totally different paradigm than the medical model – even though I have twenty years of experience as an OB-GYN Physician Assistant, which informs my understanding of the body and illness.     

My healing work is also unique from other holistic practitioners such as a Naturopath – even though I’ve studied and utilize everything from nutrition and nutritional supplements, to herbal medicine and Flower Essence Therapy alongside energy healing.

After decades of working with women who came through my OB-GYN office, helping them find answers to chronic conditions that no doctor was able to solve, I learned that healing often runs deeper than the physical body, and needs to be met in the place where life-force energy gets bound up and leads to illness.

The reason why nothing has worked for you so far is because there are deeper issues that need to be addressed and shifted energetically. That’s what we’re going to uncover as we work together. That’s how I can help you.

I KNOW that it’s your birthright to heal from ANY ailment. No matter what’s troubling you, and no matter how long it’s been going on, healing is available and inevitable with the proper support and guidance. I’ve experienced this personally countless times, and have guided hundreds of women through the process.

I would be honored to be your guide.

Tami“. The combination of her innate wisdom, life experience, and medical and herbal knowledge all work together to create an environment in which true healing can happen on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. I can’t imagine going through all the changes my 40s have brought without her.

– Tami S., Stay-At-Home-Mom and Entrepreneur


In our work together, I create a nurturing environment where your health challenges are met with compassion, insight and deeply intuitive listening and understanding. Through our relationship and the guidance that I offer, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge, care and support to achieve genuine healing for yourself.

Take the first step and schedule a no-strings-attached phone consultation with me to begin healing now.

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