5 Survival Tips for Evolved/Empathic/Highly-Sensitive Women

Beautiful Woman;
The key to living well in this world as an Evolved/Empathic/Ultra-Sensitive woman is SELF-AWARENESS and knowing how to care for your unique needs.

Truly understanding these needs and how you’re unique is something that you never learned about in school, and mainstream culture doesn’t validate. Often, your family and friends don’t really get it either. So in order to live your best life, this information may be really helpful. Which leads to the first survival tip…

1) KNOW YOUR SELF: Most of my clients generally fall into one of these categories, or are a mix of the three, even though they have no identification with these labels. But labels can be really enlightening to understand yourself and your needs. So the first survival tip is simply to claim your status as an evolved, empathic, or highly-sensitive woman. Even though you may well choose to keep it to yourself.

2) UNDERSTAND YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM: Your nervous system is more sensitive than most, and you can become overwhelmed more easily. You pick up energies and subtleties that most aren’t aware of. Think of your nervous system as an advanced but delicate instrument. Because of this, you need adequate sleep, rest and soothing tonics such as flower essences, nervine herbs and other tools for rejuvenation. This doesn’t mean that you’re not strong, but you need to know what best supports you.

3) HEALTHCARE AND YOU: For evolved, empathic and highly-sensitive women, your health needs are not the same as the average woman. Mainstream medicine often doesn’t understand your issues, and isn’t helpful for you. The treatments may be too harsh, and methods too crude. Or maybe you have symptoms that no doctor knows how to interpret, and so your discomfort is minimized or disregarded. Perhaps nothing comes up on tests, but you still know that something’s not right. Due to your level of sensitivity, you may be aware of an issue before it can be detected on tests. Here’s the thing: conventional health care views the body as a machine, but you tend to hold emotions in your body, which doesn’t translate in the world of medicine. Further, for the evolved/empathic/highly-sensitive woman, your challenges come to help you grow and transform, including your health challenges. In other words, your health issues are part of your spiritual path.

4) YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Because of your delicate nervous system, you’re very sensitive to the environment that you find yourself in. This involves home, work, restaurants and other social spots. Common things like fluorescent lighting and cleaning products with intense odors may be totally disarming for you. There’s nothing wrong with you! Rather, we’re living in a really toxic world, and you’re like the canary in the coal mine whose body is picking that problems before the rest of the collective. Make sure that your home is a sanctuary and a place where you can adequately rest. Do your best to avoid toxicity in your workplace. This may necessitate changing jobs or even careers.

5) YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: This category is undoubtedly the trickiest of all. It involves deep examination and courage to see unhealthy or even toxic patterns with those you love. But let me be blunt: empathic/highly-sensitive women tend to give too much, love too much, work too hard for others, you get the picture. We have so much to give, and haven’t necessarily learned who is truly deserving of our gifts. Evolved souls have access to a great deal of love, capability and are deeply loyal. However, if you were devalued in your family of origin, it’s not uncommon to attract others that take advantage in one way or another. Your life lessons may involve creating healthy boundaries to those unworthy of your love.

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