Weight-loss is Easy! UNLESS…

Dear Magical Healing Tribe;
At the risk of pushing your buttons, I’m going to say it again…Weight-Loss is Easy!

You know the formula well, right?!? As a matter of fact, you know the formula so well you could teach it to a room full of eager students in your sleep.

Remember, it’s simply this:

Eat healthy food.
Eat less.
Exercise more.

That’s about the extent of it.

But if that’s really the case, then why is sustainable weight-loss so f*cking elusive, and why have you been losing and gaining those same stubborn pounds forever?

Here’s the truth: weight-loss is easy…UNLESS:

  • You eat when you’re not really hungry.
  • You eat past the point when your body is satisfied.
  • You use food to deal with stressful situations.
  • You reward yourself with food after a difficult interaction.
  • You reward yourself with food after a positive interaction.
  • You use your weight as protection against a relationship that pushes against your boundaries.
  • Excess weight makes you feel safe.
  • You’re a sugar addict.
  • You feel hopeless that you’ll never lose weight.
  • You feel depressed that things will never change.


Okay…now can you fill in the next line? What’s your truth when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off?

The real issue with losing weight sustainably doesn’t lie in the next cleanse or super-food or supplement, or exercise plan. It doesn’t lie in an accountability coach or miracle-drug. Rather, it lies within your own heart. It lies in an emotional truth that’s been buried and unseen. It will become your reality only after deciphering the meaning that food and the relationship with your body has in your life. And then, having the courage to forge a new way.

Which is the whole reason that I created my program, Weight-loss Wisdom™–which guides and supports you to uncover and shift out of all the ways you use food and weight to deal with life…which is the REAL reason that you haven’t permanently lost the weight yet.

Here’s the really really REALEST reason why you haven’t lost the weight. Because if you use food emotionally on any level, you’re not going to give this up until you deal with it on the level at which it exists. Because your EMOTIONS ALWAYS WIN. Let me repeat that: Your emotions always win! Over your rational mind. Over discipline. Over technology or the latest, greatest gadget. Over EVERYTHING else! If food serves you on an emotional level, you’ll never lose the weight until you deal with it at this very level.
That’s about all I have to say at the moment, but if you’re interested to learn more, to explore going to the heart of your issues around weight and food, I’m here to support you.

If you’re tired of the up and down, weight-loss/weight- gain merry-go-round, and are in need of guidance and support for a sustainable solution, please reach out for support today.
In honor of all women looking to be done with this issue once and for all, and finally: feel GREAT in your body, break completely FREE from struggle with food, and put your energy into that which is truly important in life, I still have a few openings for Weight-loss Wisdom Sessions. These sessions will help you gain clarity around how to permanently lose the weight and let go of the struggle once and for all.
Simply click to email: carla@carlasavetsky.com and say “schedule me” to reserve you spot now.

Wishing you freedom from the struggle, today and always.

With Love and Healing,


Does DIETING Make You FAT?!?

Dear Holistic Healing Tribe;
If this question strikes a chord, then what you really need to ask yourself is this:

In all my years of dieting,has it made me feel better about my body? Has it made me thinner? Stronger? Healthier?

Or…has it made me more neurotic? More obsessed with food? And less confident in my body? You see where I’m going with this…

Here’s the truth: dieting is a plan of systemized deprivation which always swings back to the other side of the pendulum – where eating becomes out of control in the need to break free of restriction and find balance. This pattern often becomes a vicious cycle and can even end up running your life. It’s not personal–it’s just a natural law of the Universe.

That’s why people who diet frequently, generally end up heavier over time. Eating plans based on restriction just aren’t sustainable over the long haul. You end up believing you’re just not disciplined enough or don’t have the will-power to be your ideal weight – because that’s what the dieting industry dictates. But just so you know… it’s completely untrue and keeps you locked into a pattern of self-recrimination.

The real struggle comes when you attach all kinds ofstory to this scenario such as, “I’m a failure” “I’m not good enough” “I don’t deserve to feel beautiful” Or whatever it is that makes up your inner landscape.

The truth is, you’re most likely overweight for one of two reasons: hormonal imbalance and/or emotional eating patterns. Interestingly, these issues are the least understood and least acknowledged reasons for being overweight, and usually go hand in hand.

Getting to the root cause of both of these issues is absolutely possible, AND has NOTHING to do with WILL-POWER or DISCIPLINE. Rather, the answer exists outside of the dieting paradigm, and of course, lies within your own personal complexity.

However, once you embrace this new understanding of yourself, and are standing in your power and integrity, you’ll let go of the self-blame. It will be a revelation when you no longer use food as a coping mechanism, and come to find out that your sugar cravings are connected with blood sugar imbalance, rather than a lack of willpower. 

Let me paint a picture of the way that this works… During the holidays, my family members mistakenly assume that I have a great deal of willpower and discipline because I generally abstain from dessert. But I have to laugh because neither of those attributes are my strong point!

Rather, I abstain because the gluten and dairy immediately make me feel crappy, by stuffing up my nose, giving me a sinus headache and clogging my gut. And I know that my blood sugar will be thrown out of whack, which will take days to reverse and get back on track.

Here’s the real key to my empowerment with food… I have the inner freedom to make the decision to abstain or not…because there’s no longer the compulsive pull towards emotional eating (having gotten to the root cause long ago), and no physiologic drive towards sugar and refined carbs, because I know how to balance my blood sugar through specific ways of eating.

That’s the whole secret to sustainable weight loss. It’s a journey for sure, but you can absolutely do it too!

If you want to learn more, be on the lookout for my next email when I’ll share about tips for eating to balance your blood sugar.

Until then, wishing you the courage to look within at the root cause of your weight issue, so that you may live free and feel at peace in your body every day.

With Love and Healing,


Your Healing


If you’re tired of the up and down, weight-loss/weight- gain merry-go-round, and are in need of guidance and support for a sustainable solution, I would be delighted to support you.

In honor of helping ALL women break free of the dieting paradigm and find true healing, I’m offering complimentary, Deep Healing Discovery Calls next week, to help you gain clarity around your weight issue, and find the strength and awareness to heal this issue once and for all.

Simply click to email: carla@carlasavetsky.com to reserve you spot now.

Weight-loss WISDOM

Dear Holistic Healing Tribe,
If you’re anything like me, it’s that time of year that you’re making plans and resolutions that will improve your heath and life. And perhaps, this includes ways to feel better about your physical appearance and the body you live in.

While this is a beautiful intention, have you ever noticed that the desire to lose weight feels like it has dark undertones? Oh…maybe that’s because there’s a billion dollar diet industry profiting off of your perpetual body-dissatisfaction. You’ve probably become wise to this fact, which is why “dieting” has gone largely out of favor, replaced with the more innocuous “eating plan” or “cleanse”. But no matter what you call it, the strategy of restriction for weight loss generally leads to a repetitive cycle of discouragement and failure.

It makes me sad to see some of the most intelligent and enlightened women I know reveal their shame and disempowerment when it comes to their weight and struggle with food. It especially disturbs me to see these same women jumping on the latest diet-fad or cleanse, that will ultimately lead them back down the same path of shame and body-loathing.

And yet, I completely understand the sense of helplessness that keeps you on the dieting merry-go-round because you see, I was this woman. Actually, I was her for a very, very long time….

It started young… thirteen when I first dieted, and over the years my habits devolved into an eating disorder that took me far into the waters of self-destruction. My recovery was gradual, but ultimately I knew that I had to find a way out. It was no longer about just being thin. It was about being FREE of the entire struggle that kept me trapped in a painful and severely limited inner world.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. For me, the wisdom appeared within a book by the brilliant Geneen Roth.

It was then that I learned to let go of the dieting mentality, regain the ability to eat intuitively, and go beneath my struggles with food and my body, in order to understand and “sit with” the emotions that kept the destructive cycle alive.

You see, it was only once I learned that I could tolerate and “be with”  the feelings I had been using food to mask, that I no longer needed the food/body struggle as the stage upon which I played out my difficult feelings of shame, discouragement and the sense of being out of control. And guess what…I’ve been my ideal weight ever since! Actually, I’ve only gotten thinner and stronger over time. And although my eating habits have changed over the years, I’ve never again had any struggle with food. Ever again!

Now I can imagine what you might be thinking…this is tricky stuff…not for those unwilling to look deeply into their own sh*t. Yes–you are absolutely right!! But the good news is that it will truly be some of the most rewarding growth work you’ll ever do in your life. And you will gain so much self-empowerment, which will serve you in all of your endeavors from here on in.

Interested to learn more? If so, you’re in luck!
If you’re tired of the up and down, weight-loss/weight- gain merry-go-round, and are in need of guidance and support for a sustainable solution, please reach out for support today.

In honor of all women looking to break free of the dieting paradigm and find the solution to: feel GREAT in your body, break completely FREE from struggle with food, and put your energy into that which is truly important in life, I’m offering 3 complimentary, Weight-loss Wisdom Sessions, to help you gain clarity around how to lose weight sustainably and let go of the struggle once and for all.

Simply hit “reply” and write “schedule me” to reserve you spot now.
Wishing you freedom from the struggle, today and always.

With Great Love and Healing,


Wellness YOUR Way

Dear Natural Healing Tribe,

This is a great time to take stock of your health and healing goals for the upcoming year. I know that I’ve already been making my lists and plans, just this very morning!

So, I was excited to be asked to participate in this online interview series called: Wellness Your Way online show, which begins right at the beginning of the year. It’s all about making choices for your health and wellness that are going to work for YOU.

The series wants to help you:

Avoid spending time and money on solutions to improve your health that just don’t work.

Learn how to finally heal and feel great. 

Learn how to finally lose that extra weight.

If any of these issues have been yours, then you should definitely check out this interview series Wellness Your Way online show.

It’s a free online audio series designed to help you create the healthiest life you have always imagined!

My colleague Liz Ferguson has interviewed over 20 experts (including me!) who provide key information that supports you as you go forward on your wellness journey.

The series focuses on some of the following topics:

  • how your thoughts affect your health
  • foods that nourish you and help you lose weight
  • movement to keep you healthy that does not feel like exercise
  • how your gut health affects everything
  • when breathing is all you really need
  • self care that is more than massages and pedicures
  • how toxins wreck havoc on your health

Click here to gain access to this free online event  

It all starts on January 4th 2019 and is a great way to start your year!    
Sending Love and Health for the New Year and beyond.

P.S. I’m the speaker on January 17th. So grab your spot now so you don’t miss my interview!


FREE 1-1 Call With Me 

I still have some openings for complimentary calls before the end of the year.

If you feel the need to get to the root of your health issues…please don’t hesitate to reach out!


If you’ve been ignoring or pushing through lingering health issues that no doctor seems to detect or know how to help…

If you’ve tried seemingly EVERYTHING – herbs, acupuncture, energy healing, nutrition, etc. – but NOTHING is really changing.

If you know deep down that you have the power to heal from the inside out, but not sure how to proceed……then let’s talk.

The work I do is very deep, and beyond the realm of where most doctors and alternative practitioners go.

That’s why I’m offering a handful of complimentary 1-1 Health Consultations.
 Simply hit reply and say “schedule me!” if you’d like to claim one of them!

I want you to have the experience of being truly seen and heard and understood, because I know how frustrating it can be to have symptoms and pain that goes untreated with no clear answers.

In this one phone call, we’ll have the opportunity to talk in depth about your health issues, while I hold space with intuitive listening. I’ll then provide insight about where the energetic blockages are, and a pathway towards eliminating your symptoms and transforming your health and life.

Hit reply to claim your complimentary, no-strings-attached phone session.

One of my favorite sayings, and what’s so important to know is,
“The issues live in the tissues.” 


Until we address those issues that take up residence in our cells and deplete our life force energy, we won’t truly heal.

Wishing you great health and healing, so that you may thrive in the life that you were meant to live,



Lately, I’ve noticed that so many of the women reaching out to me for
help are keenly aware that their reproductive health problem is rooted insome type of emotional and/or psycho-spiritual issue.

This is exactly what I’ve observed over years of working in women’s
health – that’s there’s most always a corresponding emotional or psycho-
spiritual component to a reproductive health issue.

The consciousness of the planet is growing rapidly, and waking up to thewisdom of the mind-body connection… understanding that true healing
can only proceed when we include the entirety of our Being.

Female health issues, more often than not, run deeper than the physical
body with their origins in unresolved trauma and unexpressed emotion.

More and more, women are ready to take full responsibility for their
healing, by diving deeply into the unconscious realms where their issues
are stored.

Which brings me to the 2nd chakra and your feminine health…

As you may well know, the chakras are energy centers that correspond
with the regions of your body around the endocrine glands.

The 2nd chakra is located around the pelvic area and sexual organs.
Therefore, a 2nd chakra imbalance is often expressed through a
reproductive health issue such as: painful periods, hormonal imbalance,
chronic vaginal or bladder infections, infertility, cervical dysplasia,
painful sex, fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc.

This means that if you’ve been suffering with one of these issues and
haven’t found resolution, you may need to direct your focus towards
healing the 2nd chakra. Okay, so now you may be wondering…how do I
nurture the 2nd chakra and bring it to a state of health?

First let’s look at the qualities of the 2nd chakra, and how it functions. The 2nd chakra is thought to be the seat of creativity, emotion, relationship
and sexuality. A healthy 2nd chakra opens to receive pleasure,
connection and nurturance, while it closes to repel threat, boundary
violation and unhealthy relational dynamics.

Problems with the 2nd chakra arise when as a child, you received
messages and conditioning around being good and bad that contradictedyour natural sense of pleasure and repulsion. For example, a child finds
touching her genitals warm and pleasurable, but receives the message
that she is bad and is shamed for it. At the same time, she is forced to kiss
the cheek of a relative that feels horrible and creepy. This is where the
confusion around what feels good vs. what feels bad originates. You learnthat you’re not entitled to your own authentic inner sense of  ‘yes’ and
‘no’. You learn to betray the wisdom of your body…the natural function of the 2nd chakra.

Further, your bodily autonomy may not have been protected or respected at all. You may have suffered blatant boundary violations, or egregious
acts such as physical or sexual abuse. All of these things further throw
the 2nd chakra into disarray.

Here are a few examples of how this works:

My patient with endometriosis that had been sexually abused by a family
friend at six years old, but her parents would never acknowledge it. Her
pelvic organs are still “flaming” over it.

My client with horribly painful, heavy and nauseating periods, only to
improve after she stood up to the ex-husband that was still abusing and
harassing her.

My patient with chronic vaginitis that nothing could cure. She only got
better after facing up to the fact that her husband had been having affairs, and finally found the strength to leave him. 

Here is an important question to ask: where in your life have you
betrayed the wisdom of the 2nd chakra? Please know that there’s
absolutely no blame here. All of this happens on an unconscious level,
from a very young age, and is generally encouraged by the culture
around you.

But now that you’re more conscious, the question becomes: how will youreclaim your health by coming to a deeper understanding of that which
needs to be expressed and released? Are there relational dynamics in
your life that need to be changed and upgraded?

Here are the steps to take for true healing to proceed:

 Awareness – All healing begins with awareness. That’s what your
symptoms are calling out for – to be deciphered and understood. Their
goal is to help you awaken, to bring you closer to your true Self. Allow
yourself to open to their message.
Self-Expression – If there are longstanding emotions that have been
suppressed and held in the 2nd chakra, it’s time to cleanse and reboot by
letting these emotions have their say. Emotions quite naturally cycle
through the system if given the opportunity to come forth, rather than
being banished and stuffed down. Commit to an outlet for expressing
your emotions.
Clearing Trauma – animals in the wild encountering a life-threatening
(ie traumatic) situation have an instinctual mechanism for shaking off
the experience. This “shaking” frees their nervous system to recalibrate,
and they are then able to run free – literally and figuratively. Humans
have lost this instinctual mechanism, and more often than not, trauma
(or overwhelming experiences that are never processed) remain frozen
in your system, so that you continue to “see” threatening circumstances
that play out all around you. Seek out a trauma resolution therapist or
peer counseling.
Receiving Support and Connection – this is a basic human need, but all
too often, shame gets in the way of reaching out for authentic and
intimate support. Get honest with yourself about your needs, and then
open your field of consciousness to see where in your life this is availableto you. It may mean seeking out a new therapist or healer to assist with
your particular circumstance.

Ultimately any feminine dis-ease can be traced back to the ways in whichyou’ve lost connection with your truth, and identity with your divine
nature. Here’s to the collective reclamation of connection with the
Goddess, standing in the fullness of your feminine power…today and

With Great Love and Healing,


FREE 1-1 Call With Me
 If any of the above resonates with you, and you feel drawn to get to
the root of underlying emotional and psycho-spiritual issues that
contribute to health issues…please don’t hesitate to reach out!
Right now, I have some time available, so I’m more than happy to offer a complimentary 1-1 Calls for those needing my help.
 If you’ve been ignoring or pushing through lingering health issues that no doctor seems to detect or know how to help…
 If you’ve tried seemingly EVERYTHING – herbs, acupuncture, energy healing, nutrition, etc. – but NOTHING is really changing.
 If you know deep down that you have the power to heal from the
inside out, but not sure how to proceed… …then let’s talk.
The work I do is very deep, and beyond the realm of where most
doctors and alternative practitioners go. That’s why I’m offering a handful of complimentary 1-1 Health Consultations.
 Simply hit reply and say “schedule me!” if you’d like to claim one of
them! I want you to have the experience of being truly seen and
heard and understood, because I know how frustrating it can be to
have symptoms and pain that goes untreated with no clear answers.
 In this one phone call, we’ll have the opportunity to talk in depth
about your health issues, while I hold space with intuitive listening. I’ll then provide insight about where the energetic blockages are,
and a pathway towards eliminating your symptoms and
transforming your health and life. Hit reply to claim your
complimentary, no-strings-attached phone session.

 One of my favorite sayings, and what’s so important to know is,
“The issues live in the tissues.” 

 Until we address those issues that take up residence in our cells and deplete our life force energy, we won’t truly heal. 

Wishing you great health and healing, so that you may thrive in the life that you were meant to live,


Holistic Women’s Health ~ from the Medical to the Magical

Dear Natural Healing Tribe;

In our rapidly changing world, women are searching for a NEW paradigm for their Health Care. Why? Because the current system is steeped in centuries- old misogyny and toxic treatments that often leave you worse-off than before seeking help. Not to mention an archaic perspective on a woman’s body that is based on a patriarchal, mechanistic worldview.

But here’s what’s true about a woman’s bodypsyche, soul and healing:

1) The physical, emotional and energetic aspects of our being are ONE and cannot be separated. These various facets constantly communicate with each other, influencing the health of the WHOLE.

2) Women are deeply intuitive creatures that know(deep down) what our bodies are trying to teach us through our symptoms. Even if the meaning isn’t always readily apparent, and guidance is required to interpret the intelligence of your body’s message.

3) Women are searching for health care practitioners that have compassion, deep listening skills and are open-minded to various forms of healing including natural remedies, energy medicine and lifestyle changes.

So why then, is this so frickin difficult to find!?! Mostly because conventional medical care is based on a paradigm that inherently excludes all perspectives outside of it’s own. Not to mention the fact that it’s authoritative and hierarchically based.

Part of the role that I’ve played for my clients over the years, is to act as a bridge between the medical world and whatever it is that will bring you to TRUE healing. This includes explaining what’s truly relevant on the medical end of things, while creating a pathway forward – shifting into health and healing through nutritional protocols, lifestyle changes, flower essence therapy, wisdom counseling and energy treatments.

So…to that end, I have a big announcement that I’ve been brewing over for a long time, and have now decided to move forward with.

In order to help more women achieve true healing and transformation, I’ve decided to step into greater visibility with the full spectrum of my healing expertise by changing the name of my business.

From now on, I’ll be operating under the name:CarlaSavetsky.com: Holistic Women’s Health ~ from the Medical to the Magical. And my website is currently undergoing a renovation to reflect this change.

So from now on, you’ll be seeing my name in your INBOX, rather thanNatural Healing for Women.

I’m excited for the coming changes and want to extend a gigantic HUG and THANK YOU, thank you, thank you…for YOU, beautiful woman. You who are my soul tribe…the deeply sensitive, intelligent, open-minded Goddesses, who believe that true healing is not only possible, but your birthright…

Sending Love for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season,



Need Support? Curious to Learn MORE?

FREE 1-1 CALL with ME 

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of women heal on the deepest level by getting to the root cause of their health problems. These may include hard to diagnose infections, hormonal imbalance, mystery illness, chronic pain and all the associated emotional, psycho-spiritual and energetic imbalances.

Right now, I’ve opened my schedule for Complimentary 1-1 Callsfor those in need of support.

If you’ve been pushing through lingering health issues that doctors don’t know how to detect or know how to help…

If you’ve tried seemingly EVERYTHING – herbs, acupuncture,nutrition, etc. – but NOTHING is really changing…

If you know deep down that you have the power to heal and need to get on with your life, but not sure how to proceed…then let’s talk.

The work I do operates at a the deepest level, beyond the realm of where most doctors and alternative practitioners think to investigate.

That’s why I’m offering a handful of complimentary 1-1 Health Consultations and if you’re interested, you should claim oneNOW.

Simply click HERE if you’d like to experience the type of support I offer.

In this one phone call, we’ll have the opportunity to talk in depth about your health issues, while I hold space with intuitive listening. I’ll then provide insight, resources, and a pathway towards eliminating your symptoms and transforming your health and life.

Click HERE to claim your complimentary, no-strings-attached phone session.

One of my favorite sayings is:

“The issues live in the tissues.” 

Until we address these issues that take up residence in our cells and deplete our life force energy, we won’t truly heal.

Are you ready to get your energy back? To get your full life back?

If so, I would be honored to hold healing space for you and get to the root of your issue, to help you find your way to the full life that you were meant to live.

With Healing Love,


Forgiveness Is Overrated…Here’s Why!

Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

In the current climate of #MeToo, when so many of us are coming to grips with those who have wronged us, I thought to share my meditations on forgiveness, and how to free your self from feelings of victimization.

I’ve seen so much written recently about forgiveness…it seems to be the trend of the moment within new age, spiritual thought circles.

And the particular bent on the subject  getting the most traction explains how forgiveness is not for the person you’re forgiving, but rather, for your own Self: to release the burden of resentment, anger and bitterness in your own heart.

Yes! I absolutely agree with this more enlightened perspective on forgiveness… in contrast with say, the image of Jesus on the cross referencing his persecutors, “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do…” In other words, the traditional notion of forgiveness as a selfless or altruistic act, releasing the other person from their injustices because you’ve decided to be the “bigger” person.

I’ll tell you, I’ve always had a problem with the idea that we need to forgive those who has wronged us, because I think that the focus is misplaced. And I’m here to say that you don’t need to forgive anyone in order to let go of the burdens associated with mistreatment.

If you have feelings of resentment towards someone who has wronged you…I get it, and know the feeling well! And that’s why I know that you’d probably love to find a way out, because it’s no fun to be plagued by resentments and the obsessive loops that play out in your mind over and over.

But the paradox is this: even though it feels so awful to harbor hurt and resentment, it may also feels impossible to shake. If it were easy to let go, you would have done it a long time ago, right?!?

So the problem I have with all I’ve seen written on the subject of forgiveness is that there’s still no explanation for HOW exactly to accomplish it. Because here’s the thing: you can no sooner will yourself into forgiving someone whose wronged you, than you can will yourself into swallowing a 20-pound bag of dirt. It’s not going to happen. And you can’t “think positive thoughts” your way into it either. True forgiveness is a profound letting go that occurs as a deep spiritual release.

I’m going to try to help you do just that, because I know how painful emotions can get stuck in your body, and actually create ill health. Yes, illness can stem from the harboring of toxic emotional baggage: resentment, bitterness, stagnant grief and prolonged rage. It’s imperative to to release these blocks from our heart and cells in order to keep the body and psyche in optimal health. So, how to find a way out of resentment and let go???

Okay, here’s what you need to know:

Letting go of anger/resentment is a process that must be committed to. It has it’s own rhythm, and is definitely not linear. It may feel like one step forward, two steps back, but that’s okay as long as the energy of anger, resentment and hurt continues to move. Ways to keep this energy moving is through journaling, talking with trusted friends and therapists, moving your body through exercise, yoga or dance, singing, making art…you get the picture. As long as you’re not denying the existence of your painful feelings, but rather allowing them to move through you by utilizing one of these outlets, you will continue to release in your own timing. And very importantly, you need to celebrate yourself for your efforts, because it’s not easy but you’re doing it!

Your anger needs to be honored because it serves a vital function. Anger acts as a boundary saying, “NEVER AGAIN”. It’s a placeholder between the strength you’re learning to possess, and the part of you that was taken advantage of. Until you’re solid in your stance and no longer feel vulnerable to this person and others like them, anger creates a definitive line that tells others they may not cross. In this way, anger serves as your protector. You can thank your anger for functioning for you in this way, supplying you with strength and grit. I want you to actually show your anger some love, and then…watch it soften and shift.

Here are the 3 insights that I’ve learned along the way that have been the most helpful for me:

1) Let go of the belief that you need to FORGIVE the person that’s wronged you. That’s right, it’s actually unnecessary, and a waste of effort. Instead, you can decide to leave that person to their own devices and their own karmic mess. That person does not need to be a part of the equation of letting go of the pain you hold around them. What IS necessary however, is to acknowledge your own feelings and where they are held in your body. Tune into them, claim them as your own and understand that they are existing within you, devoid of who they are connected to. Make a decision to work on letting go of these painful feelings in order to reclaim your freedom. Then…

2) Trace your hurt back to an earlier injury, or as my therapist says, “Go Early.” This means that karmic themes tend to repeat themselves throughout our lives, and whatever situation or painful hurt we find ourselves in often reflects an earlier wounding stemming from your family of origin. Most of us are walking around with buried hurts that have occurred in our most formative years, and are still unresolved. Commonly, we find ourselves in relationships that mimic these original hurts. You can actually appreciate the painful situation at hand, if it enlightens you to an earlier trauma that you can now work on releasing. When you’re able to trace your pain back to the original wounding, the current person or situation at hand often loses significance.

3) Know that Justice is not in your hands. We often hold onto resentment because we fear that if we were to let go, its akin to letting this person off the hook, and then justice will not be served. However, unless you’re actually bringing this person to court, know that you are not the force that brings the offender to justice. Rather, you can let go, choosing to trust in a higher law of justice and surrender it all to this Higher Power. You can think of this power as Divine Justice, Karma, Right Order or God/Goddess. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your acknowledgement that bringing this person to justice is not in your hands, and holding faith that there is a force in the Universe that oversees karma and has a greater intelligence then you. It’s the acknowledgement that you can’t necessarily see or understand the larger picture in the moment. So, even if this person appears as though they’ve gotten away with murder, you can’t know the truth of their reality or how they’re faring. But you can have faith that everyone gets their karmic due.

In essence, letting go of the pain of victimization is a practice and a discipline. But it’s vital work because painful emotional baggage can lead to mood disorders, chronic pain, and even serious disease. Make a commitment to let go of these burdens as an act of self-love…for your own health, sanity and general flow with life. From the stance of Self-Love, you will find your power, your strength, your softness and ultimately release.

Sending Love for Health and Healing..today and Always,



Single Sessions Available – Limited Time Only!!!

Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

I hope you’ve had an incredible summer. Mine has been amazing, life-transforming, deeply rejuvenative and FAST! I’ve given myself so much quality time for healing – physically, emotionally and spiritually…and it’s gone very deep. I look forward to sharing more about my healing journey in future blogs posts.

But for now, I wanted to let you know that it’s that time of year again… where I open my practice up for individual, one-time sessions, to help you unravel a frustrating, confounding or frightening health issue.

As you probably know, I usually only work with women in 3 or 6 month programs, due to the fact that healing takes time and commitment. But there are those moments when a single session can be the very catalyst you need for igniting your path to health.If interested, simply click HERE, shoot me an email, and tell me a bit of what’s going on for you.

These sessions usually fill up really fast, so let me know asap if you’re interested, and I’ll find a spot to get you started on your way to a new level of wellbeing. Together, we’ll uncover the root cause of your health problem, carve out a path to wellness, and then I’ll create a protocol of nutritional supplements, herbs, a flower essence formula and other healing wisdom specifically for yourbody, psyche and soul. Just click HERE to let me know.

Over the past few months, I’ve had many women reaching out requesting singular health consults – for holistic help with issues such as cervical dysplasia, endometrial hyperplasia, chronic vaginal infections, osteoporosis, peri/menopausal symptoms and chronic lyme disease, to name a few. If you’ve got a stubborn issue going on, don’t hesitate to reach out HERE.

If one of these sessions is meant for you, I so look forward to serving you at this time…so that you can move beyond your health problems, and embrace the life that you were meant to live, in all it’s bounty.

Until then…

Sending Love for Health and Healing..today and Always,



Is a Toxic Relationship Making You Sick?!?

Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

It’s been a long time since I’ve connected with you, as I’ve been deep within the cocoon of healing and self-nurturance after the ending of my 20-year marriage, and all of the rupture that accompanied it.

But I have to say, there’s NOTHING like intense suffering to accelerate spiritual growth! And I’ve been on a very accelerated path of transformation this past year, coming face to face with my oldest traumas and demons in this life time – welcoming back all the parts of myself that I’d banished, disowned and wasn’t even conscious of.

Which leads me to today’s topic, because it’s all about hard realities that can feel really difficult to face. Our closest relationships are generally the prisms through which we define ourselves and our life. They are what we depend on for our very survival – emotionally, psychologically and practically.  And, they are so close in, they are often very hard to see clearly. However, if your closest relationships are less than supportive and nurturing on a daily basis, they could be negatively impacting your health.

I know you’re aware of the hazards of environmental toxins – chemicals in the water, air, soil, cosmetics, cleaning products, building materials, etc. You may be so health-conscious in fact, that you wouldn’t dream of drinking unfiltered water, or eating conventionally raised poultry.

But when was the last time you took inventory of your closest relationships – the people surrounding you on a daily basis? If these relationships have a toxic element, they may actually be compromising your health worse than any synthetic chemical, and causing your lingering symptoms or an actual disease process.

Because your bodily ills – whatever they may be – are reflective of an imbalance going on in your system: physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. Your symptoms are your teacher… if you have the ears to listen.

So what constitutes a toxic relationship? Here’s a short list to consider when thinking about a close relationship in your life that you may have suspicions about.

Is this person: manipulative, controlling, violating of boundaries, energy-sucking, critical, insensitive, withholding, crazy-making, ungenerous…a good deal of the time? 

Are they self-absorbed with either their accomplishments and grandeur, or (equally as soul-sucking) with their own pain and suffering? Do you have a sense that this person twists the truth? Has this person ever betrayed your trust?

If the answer to any of these is “YES”, then it’s really important to get honest with yourself about how your health and wellbeing may be negatively impacted by this relationship. Especially if you have an on-going health issue.

But here’s the tricky part…it can be so hard to acknowledge these issues in our closest relationships. Why? Because in our closest relationships, it may feel impossible to separate us from themNot to mention the fact that we may be dependent on these relationships for our every day survival and/or emotional needs.

And…what happens when this person is your mother, or your child…or your beloved life partner? This may well feel like an impossible situation to free yourself from, and despair may dissuade you from even allowing yourself to examine these areas.

However, if you’re resonating with this on any level, and you’re starting to sink down into your chair… know that there’s good news too!

The truth is that YOU have the power to make profound changes within your SELF, that translate into changes within your outer reality…including your relationships.

Your whole world will shift when you find the inner resources to stop tolerating the status quo, and make the necessary changes to arrest the unhealthy dynamics in your relationship.

I’ve experienced this so many times personally, and seen it play out with so many clients, that I no longer have doubts about the power of this type shift. Over the years, I’ve watched my clients erect healthy boundaries within toxic interpersonal dynamics, and create real and lasting changes with their children, partners, parents and bosses. And you can too!

Of course, this type of inner work also involves risk. The risk of loss that change can bring. Only you know if you’re ready for this. However, your body may be speaking so loudly, that you have no choice but to listen.

Either way, let your symptoms or disease process function for you, as a wake-up call to stop tolerating unhealthy behaviors from those closest in your life. Learn to create healthy boundaries around behaviors and situations that feel soul-sucking or diminishing. 

When you truly learn to honor your own needs and put them at the forefront of your world, that’s when healthy, healing energy floods back into your system. This is when you’re on the road back to health and wellbeing.

Wishing You Great Health and Healing..today and Always,


    HEALING INSIGHT SESSION   a complimentary call to ignite vibrant health & healing


If you’re needing support and guidance for a stubborn health issue, emotional problem or relationship dynamic that you you’re really ready to let go of…don’t hesitate to reach out for a complimentary Healing Insight Session.

In this 45-minute call, I’ll guide and support you into brand new awarenesses – which is the bedrock of all healing, as well as practical prescriptions for resolving your issues once and for all.

So many women have told me that this one session has helped resolve major issues for them! And my speciality is in helping women who have spent years searching for help in all types healing modalities, but haven’t found resolution elsewhere.

Simply send an email to:carla@naturalhealingforwomen.com to set up a session time.

Please include your time zone, and best times during the week. I will get back to you right away to set up a session.

I look forward to connecting with you on the call!

My Secret Struggle with Weight

My Secret Struggle with Weight

Underneath every struggle is a story – a story that’s waiting to be revealed, honored and understood. A story that’s in search of resolution…and hopefully a happy ending.

I want to share my story around the struggle with weight and food, because I want you to KNOW that if I can overcome this problem…anyone can!

My parents were chronic dieters and also heavily weighed down by depression. Dieting held the promise of a fresh start, a new body and improved life.

I went on my first diet at 13, even though I wasn’t overweight. However, I developed breasts and hips earlier than the other girls, which made me very self-conscious. And so, watching my curves diminish through dieting provided relief and a sense of accomplishment.

Like my parents, I learned to live on salads and “diet” foods. I learned to count calories and run laps. But all this was before one event that changed everything.

When I was 15 years old, I was at a party where there were a bunch of rough, older guys. And after a bit of flirtation with one of them, he carried me up to a bedroom, held me down and raped me. I had no words to express what happened to me, so I kept it buried deep inside.

Over the next months I stopped going out with friends, sat in front of the television and devoured entire boxes of mac and cheese. I gained 15 pounds in a matter of months, and this began years of starvation diets, binging, yo-yo weight, diet pills, laxatives, and by the time I got to college, a very severe case of Bulimia (after a girl who lived in my dorm taught me how to make myself throw up.)

And still, every part of my struggle was in secret. No one in my life knew about the Bulimia. My one saving grace was that I started taking psychology classes and became fascinated with the unlimited potential of the mind. I studied Eastern religions and different forms of spirituality. I spent a summer at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and immersed myself in new age and somatic therapies.

My struggles with my body and food continued however, and went hand in hand with my challenge in romantic relationships. I was sexually attracted to men, but I didn’t trust them. I never felt safe, loved or cared for by the men I drew into my life. Romance went hand in hand with heartbreak, which further fueled my struggles with food and my body.

After college, I was living in San Francisco and falling into the same destructive patterns, but I made a promise to myself that I would keep. I promised that I would never again do violence to my body by purging. And this ended my eight years of Bulimia in that one moment.

I wish I could say that it all ended here. But it would take another 5 years before I found the antidote to the spell that food and weight had over my life. Even though I was no longer binging and purging, I still felt a certain compulsiveness with food and an extra 10-15 pounds more weight on me than felt comfortable. I was still experimenting with diets, always looking for the next, best solution.

Until the day that I hit rock bottom. I knew this obsession was keeping me from REALLY living. I KNEW that it was no longer about the weight…but the obsession that was the trap, and what I longed for was freedom from the whole, f*cking paradigm. I knew I had to break free of the whole thing because I needed to really live. 

And so I prayed….”please God, if I could just be free of this bondage, I’ll be happy every day for the rest of my life!”

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And that’s what happened for me in the form of a book by the brilliant Geneen Roth. Through her book, I learned to uncover how the obsession with weight/food/body was functioning in my life – by distracting me from deeper, more painful issues.  

For me, it was all about my painful relationships with men, and the deep shame I felt about it.

Once I was able to really look at this core issue and sit with the pain/shame, the spell that food had over me dissolved. I learned that sitting with my pain wouldn’t destroy me, and it actually began to dissipate. And slowly, I learned to step outside of my comfort zone and take emotional risks.

With this practice, the obsession with food and my body faded into the background. At the same time, I effortlessly began losing weight and came into a new version of myself.

From here, I was able to truly move on with my life. This is when I found my career and began studying medicine. It’s when I came into my love of plants, healing and music. And most significantly, I was able to create safe relationships with men, learning to trust and be vulnerable, and even got married.

I wish that I could say that I’ve been “happy every day of my life” as I’d promised in my prayer. In reality, since giving up the obsession with food and living at my ideal weight – I’m more aware of the challenges that LIFE never ceases to bring. But I’d never go back because now I’m FREE…to live with the fullness of life and all it’s complexity.

There’s nothing as liberating as finally breaking free from an obsession which is inner bondage. But having gotten to the other side of this issue taught me that nothing is insurmountable.

That’s why I’m dedicated to helping other women feel confident in their bodies, break free from obsession and restore an easeful and pleasurable relationship with food.

If you’re ready for true transformation like I was, you probably don’t want to waste time. You need a proven system and tools that really works. Through my own personal journey and over many years helping hundreds of clients across the U.S. and Europe, I’ve developed a process that’s both effective and powerful, and also incorporates all I’ve learned about how to balance blood sugar to ameliorate cravings.

It’s a huge joy to be able to share it.

If you’re ready to do what it takes to let go of this struggle once and for all, apply for your free 45-minute “Weight-Loss Wisdom” session with me today.

I’ve got just few spots left on my calendar next week, and this special offer will end entirely on February 16th 2018.

Let’s make time work on your side so that you can have the body-freedom you’re wanting much sooner!

With Great Love and Support,