BREAST CANCER PREVENTION: investigating the emotional and energetic roots of disease

There are some things that we all know in our hearts, even if they can’t be verified by a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial.

In conventional cancer care, statistics are the reigning authority – they inform us how to proceed with our choices for care. At the physician’s insistence, we generally bow down before their predictions, and place our lives in their hands.

But every woman knows that she’s never been a statistic; that in truth, she exists way outside of the curve. So, how do we go about finding our personal truth when it comes to healing our own precious body?

When it comes to healing cancer, there’s so much to read about juicing and supplements and a vegan diet. But almost nothing is being said about healing our hearts and minds.

But here’s what I know from experience: many women that have been through the horror of breast cancer will often say something to the effect of, “I know why this happened to me”, and then proceed to tell me about the rage that they feel towards an ex-husband, or a particular heartache that they never quite healed from.

I’m always intrigued by these comments. I believe that they have real meaning and significance. Since cancer is in large part believed to be a malfunctioning of the immune system, the question then becomes,
“Why was the immune system weakened? How can it be strengthened?” These questions have implications that exist way beyond the physical body. Because although we’re aware that toxic chemicals in our food and water supply weaken the immune system, so does an abusive relationship, obsessive and unexpressed emotions or feeling trapped in our life situation.

Some other important questions to consider when faced with a serious illness such as breast cancer are:  How can I feel safer, stronger, more self-assured in my world and in my life? Where are the areas that my life-force energy is bound up, and unavailable for health and repair? Each of us needs to look into our own hearts for these answers.

When I learned that I had breast cancer, I instantly knew two things that I clung to as a lifeline. The first was that my experience would come to help other women. I knew this because all the other health maladies that I had suffered through had served this very purpose. And secondly, I knew that this diagnosis held meaning, that it wasn’t random, but had an important message to teach me about my self, my life, and the deepest recesses of my heart.

And that’s when I understood that my healing had as much to do with emotional and psycho-spiritual wellbeing, as it did with healing my physical body. And, in working with and witnessing others with cancer, I have absolutely seen this to be true.

Emotionally speaking, I’ve heard healers speak about breast cancer as stemming from a shock, from grief, from fear, or a betrayal. I can relate to all of these things. But the significance of any disease exists in the most unique and intimate part of an individual’s psyche. I don’t think that we can make broad, sweeping generalizations about the generic meaning of any particular malady.

Rather, it’s for the individual to delve into and discover for herself. This is her journey. It’s the heroine’s journey. The road may feel long and treacherous at times, she may feel lost or caught in a dense, dark thicket at others. But every step along the way has reverberations of the peace and freedom that comes with self-knowledge and the integration with our own soul.

Now I want to know your thoughts! Do you believe that your health will be affected by changing your mental and emotional entanglements? Let me know below.

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