Breast Cancer Prevention…REALLY?!?

I’ve seen so many posts on the topic of breast cancer prevention recently, with titles such as, “Decrease your Risk for Breast Cancer” or “How to Have Healthy Breasts”. Over the years, I’ve given such talks to rooms full of women about breast cancer prevention. I’ve studied the herbal books and read up on the scientific literature of substances like curcumin and green tea. I’ve touted the benefits of lymphatic massage, taught women self breast-massage, informed them about thermagrams as an alternative to mammograms – thereby avoiding the radiation of mammograms. I can speak well and long to all of these things. Hey, I’ve practiced all of these things, and THEN…I was diagnosed with breast cancer!

So, are any of these prophylactic measures, alone or in combination, going to prevent you from getting breast cancer?!? It’s a damn good question!

One of the reasons that the answer is elusive is because we don’t even know what CAUSES breast cancer. When it comes to this topic, nothing makes my blood boil more than the billions of dollars that are raised every single year in the name of combating breast cancer, yet we don’t even know what causes the disease. Hell, no one is even talking about the cause. It’s like we’ve all been systematically brainwashed into forgetting about the most basic question. Where is the campaign to “Race for the Cause”?!?

The sad truth is that the “cure” (as in “race for the cure”) is where our focus is held for reasons that have NOTHING to do with women’s health, and everything to do with the monetary interests of drug companies that are racing to come up with the latest drug equaling millions of dollars in yearly revenue for themselves and their shareholders. That’s the real race behind the “race”.

On the other side of the coin, the reality of finding the “cause” goes against the “grain” of other powerful lobbies such as big agri-business (think Monsanto) and other chemical companies. We’ve known for decades that industrial pollutants and agricultural chemicals are powerful endocrine disruptors that are wreaking havoc on the ecosystem, and hence, our bodies. Yet, why don’t we know the exact chemicals that are creating cell mutation in human breast tissue definitively enough to ban them from our food supply, the ingredients in our cosmetics and other household items? I’m no scientific researcher, but please, how hard could this be to isolate?

Many of us have known someone who was diagnosed with breast cancer that seemed to do everything “right”. I was one of those women. I’d been a “natural health” devotee for my entire adult life eating only organic food, cooking for myself and my family, using a high-quality water filter, green cleaning products in the home, healthy makeup and toiletries. I’d been gluten-free and dairy-free for 15 years, I’d been practicing yoga for over 25 years. I was on a regimen of vitamins, herbs and supplements that was designed specifically for my health profile based on specific blood tests.

But had I really done everything right? If not, where were the gaping holes in my understanding? What was I missing? These are the questions that have been with me for the past two and a half years.

In my understanding, I didn’t get breast cancer due to any one cause. Rather, it was a “perfect storm” of causes. My peri-menopausal hormones were imbalanced, my vitamin D levels were low, my detoxification systems were not functioning as effectively as they could have been, my life-force energy was depleted (ie, I was TIRED!).

And then, there were the unresolved emotional issues that seemed to hang around like stray cats at the back door, the ones that I never seemed to have the time, energy or resources to deal with head on. It’s only from doing the deep internal work since this diagnosis, that I TRUELY understand how very much of a contribution my unresolved emotional issues were contributing to my very tangible health situation.

Most importantly, what I want to share with you is this: If you are living a life that you know is unsustainable for one reason or another; in terms of your energy levels, your living situation, your tolerance for abuse in any form, your financial situation, or any other area that feels clearly out of balance – something is going to give. And all too often, that something is going to manifest in your body, in the quality of your health.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to share with you specific steps that I have learned to decrease my risks going forward. Until then, consider all that I’ve mentioned above and become more aware of areas in your life that feel out of balance or unsustainable. Awareness is the first and most important step in making any change, and therefore in bringing more healthy energy into your life.

Share your thoughts, questions, fears, or whatever on BLOG below. It’s very therapeutic to get those questions, feelings and confusions out there for all of community to share in. I’d love to hear from YOU.

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