Dieting Makes You Fat!

Trust me, I should know! I come from a family of chronic dieters, and grew up learning to count calories and use fat substitutes before I even wore a bra. Interestingly, my clan are also die-hard sugar addicts (hint: can you sense the connection…)

Here’s the deal: dieting is a plan of systemized deprivation which always swings back to the other side of the pendulum – where eating becomes out of control in the need to break free of restriction and find balance. This pattern often becomes a vicious cycle and can even end up running your life.

That’s why people who diet frequently, generally end up heavier over time. Eating plans based on restriction just aren’t sustainable over the long haul. You end up believing you’re just not disciplined enough or have the will-power to be fit – that’s what dieting-mentality dictates. But just so you know… it’s completely untrue and keeps you locked into a pattern of feeling horrible about yourself.

The truth is, we’re most likely overweight for one of two reasons: hormonal imbalance and/or emotional eating patterns.Interestingly, these issues are the least understood and least acknowledged reasons for being overweight, and often go hand in hand.

Getting to the root cause of both of these issues is absolutely possible, AND have NOTHING to do with WILL-POWER or DISCIPLINE. Rather, the answer exists outside of the dieting paradigm, and of course, reflects more of your own personal complexity.

In this new understanding, you’ll let go of self-blame and self-recrimination…when you learn that your sugar cravings are connected with your blood sugar imbalance, NOT a lack of willpower. 

Let me paint a picture of the way that this works… During the holidays, certain of my family members mistakenly assume that I have a great deal of willpower and discipline because I frequently abstain from desserts at family events. But I have to laugh because neither of those attributes are my strong point!

Rather, I abstain because the gluten and dairy immediately make me feel crappy, by stuffing up my nose, giving me a sinus headache and clogging my gut.

Here’s the real key to my empowerment with food… I have the inner freedom to make the decision to abstain because there’s no longer the compulsive pull towards emotional eating (having gotten to the root cause long ago), and no physiologic drive towards sugar and refined carbs, because I know how to balance my blood sugar through particular ways of eating.

That’s the whole secret to sustainable weight loss. It’s a journey for sure, but you can absolutely do it too!

And in order to help you get there, I’ve teamed up with Health Coach, Shannon Hodge – who helps women to lose weight without dieting. Together, we’ll be teaching you the wisdom path when it comes to losing weight sustainably. Register here:

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