Does DIETING Make You FAT?!?

Dear Holistic Healing Tribe;
If this question strikes a chord, then what you really need to ask yourself is this:

In all my years of dieting,has it made me feel better about my body? Has it made me thinner? Stronger? Healthier?

Or…has it made me more neurotic? More obsessed with food? And less confident in my body? You see where I’m going with this…

Here’s the truth: dieting is a plan of systemized deprivation which always swings back to the other side of the pendulum – where eating becomes out of control in the need to break free of restriction and find balance. This pattern often becomes a vicious cycle and can even end up running your life. It’s not personal–it’s just a natural law of the Universe.

That’s why people who diet frequently, generally end up heavier over time. Eating plans based on restriction just aren’t sustainable over the long haul. You end up believing you’re just not disciplined enough or don’t have the will-power to be your ideal weight – because that’s what the dieting industry dictates. But just so you know… it’s completely untrue and keeps you locked into a pattern of self-recrimination.

The real struggle comes when you attach all kinds ofstory to this scenario such as, “I’m a failure” “I’m not good enough” “I don’t deserve to feel beautiful” Or whatever it is that makes up your inner landscape.

The truth is, you’re most likely overweight for one of two reasons: hormonal imbalance and/or emotional eating patterns. Interestingly, these issues are the least understood and least acknowledged reasons for being overweight, and usually go hand in hand.

Getting to the root cause of both of these issues is absolutely possible, AND has NOTHING to do with WILL-POWER or DISCIPLINE. Rather, the answer exists outside of the dieting paradigm, and of course, lies within your own personal complexity.

However, once you embrace this new understanding of yourself, and are standing in your power and integrity, you’ll let go of the self-blame. It will be a revelation when you no longer use food as a coping mechanism, and come to find out that your sugar cravings are connected with blood sugar imbalance, rather than a lack of willpower. 

Let me paint a picture of the way that this works… During the holidays, my family members mistakenly assume that I have a great deal of willpower and discipline because I generally abstain from dessert. But I have to laugh because neither of those attributes are my strong point!

Rather, I abstain because the gluten and dairy immediately make me feel crappy, by stuffing up my nose, giving me a sinus headache and clogging my gut. And I know that my blood sugar will be thrown out of whack, which will take days to reverse and get back on track.

Here’s the real key to my empowerment with food… I have the inner freedom to make the decision to abstain or not…because there’s no longer the compulsive pull towards emotional eating (having gotten to the root cause long ago), and no physiologic drive towards sugar and refined carbs, because I know how to balance my blood sugar through specific ways of eating.

That’s the whole secret to sustainable weight loss. It’s a journey for sure, but you can absolutely do it too!

If you want to learn more, be on the lookout for my next email when I’ll share about tips for eating to balance your blood sugar.

Until then, wishing you the courage to look within at the root cause of your weight issue, so that you may live free and feel at peace in your body every day.

With Love and Healing,


Your Healing


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