Embodying the Queen


Are you a woman who:

    • Is going through perimenopause, and searching for holistic strategies and remedies for your uncomfortable symptoms?
    • Feels alone in the emotional mayhem associated with your changing body and psyche, but not sure where to turn for support?
    • Deeply desires to see this next chapter of life as an opportunity for growth and transformation, but have no idea how to realize this perspective given your current state of mind?

The “Queen” is the archetype for the woman who has advanced beyond her childbearing years, and is now ready to share her wisdom and gifts with the world. No longer does she need to look outside of herself for wholeness. Rather, she gives freely and universally from the great bounty that resides within.

What keeps you from embodying the archetype of the Queen?  Where do you find the strength to stand fully in your hard-won wisdom?  When will be your moment to slow down, evaluate your life, and make the necessary changes for creating health and true contentment?

“Embodying the Queen…” will help you to embrace perimenopause as a sacred rite of passage, and perfect opportunity for growth into optimum health, emotional wellbeing and renewed passion for life.

During our time together, you will learn the best ways to nurture your body with herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and dietary choices. At the same time, you will gain insight into the emotional and energetic patterns that are calling to be released and transformed. With this information, you will be creating a ‘plan’ to take you into your next phase of life.

As a women’s health practitioner, I spent many years observing women in their 40s and early 50s, suffering with the physical symptoms of perimenopause (as well as the emotional pain that accompanied it), with few resources for what they were going through. I did my best to support them with herbal remedies, flower essence therapy and Maya Abdominal Massage, but in truth, didn’t have real insight into what they were going through.

But then, I experienced perimenopause for myself, and understood the intensity of this time first hand! I realized that this transition was about so much more than physical symptoms. I found that it existed in a realm where the body and mind couldn’t be separated, and my soul was crying out for support.

Through my journey, I came to understand that perimenopause is the time to resolve some of our oldest karmic issues through internal processing and release. I came to see it as an opportunity to realize the aspects of myself that I hadn’t had the time nor space to tend to previously. I understood that NOW was the time I needed to give to myself, and my body was letting me know it!

Within our culture, there is no context for this sacred, feminine rite of passage. So psychically, it’s like we’re swimming upstream alone in the dark. And of course, it’s happening at the same time that we have to continue to manage our busy lives and care for others.

During perimenopause, there is vitally important information rising to the surface, by way of the symptoms in our bodies and psyches. When we avail ourselves of the support to explore and interpret the meanings in your symptoms and longings, it opens up the pathways for healing and growth.

This program may be for be for you if you feel:

    • confused by your changing body, and are having difficulty with the recognition that your youthful beauty is fading.
    • like a stranger in your own skin, betrayed by your body but powerless to manage or change it.
    • a sense of shame around growing older and heading towards menopause.
    • cheated by the ending of your reproductive years, without having had the child or the family that you dreamed of.
    • dissatisfied in your current career and long to give more of your true gifts to the world.
    • a sense of terror that, “My life is still a mess. Shouldn’t I have it all together by now?”
    • confused and betrayed that life has not turned out the way that it was “supposed to”.
    • unprocessed grief over what did and didn’t happen, having believed that things would turn out differently.

These feelings can ignite a great deal of fear and uncertainty, which often translates into worsening symptoms that impact your physical body. It may feel overwhelming, but all of this chaos can actually be your ticket into a new and expanded reality. What you need is support, guidance and the understanding of a like-minded tribe.

Following are some of the topics that we will be exploring and discussing throughout our time together:

Opening to the Resplendent Self

How do we come to embrace perimenopause as a sacred initiation into greater health, emotional resolution and self-knowledge? We will be exploring the personal themes and patterns that are ripe for shedding. In perimenopause, we must investigate our darkness while simultaneously reaching for the light. We will use the tools of journaling, body awareness exercises and meditation to bring greater insight to our current challenges.


Eating Royally for Optimal Wellbeing

94ba014d-93cf-45d0-b48a-88cc302fe8cbOur needs surrounding a healthy diet change at this phase of life. We will learn about a blood-sugar balancing and anti- inflammatory diet as the most beneficial way to eat at this time. This will help you to get a handle on food cravings, sugar addiction and weight problems. We will explore food-sensitivities, emotional eating, and how to create a healthy way of eating that works for you and your lifestyle.


Supreme Herbal Allies

AmberbottlesHumans and plants have co-evolved, side by side, for millions of years, which is one of the reasons why plant medicine works so beautifully to bring our systems back into harmony and wellness. We will learn about adaptogenic herbs that are the perfect remedy for healthy hormonal balance. We will also discuss specific hormone-balancing, mood-enhancing and liver-cleansing herbs to alleviate common perimenopausal symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations, memory issues, heavy bleeding, sleep disturbances, etc).


Majestic Health: Prevention and Nutritional Supplements

Alternative Medicine.Preventing the diseases of mid-life, specifically our inherited physical weaknesses become of utmost concern at this time. This includes ailments such as autoimmune disease, breast cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. We will look at each of these disease processes, and the best strategies for prevention. We will also explore how stagnant emotional issues can help create disease in the body.


Noble Self-Care

mayaHave you developed a self-care routine that addresses your needs yet? If not, NOW is the time! We will explore resistances when it comes to caring for the self. We will investigate caring for others needs before our own. We will look into how healthy boundaries with those in our lives impact our health. We will also continue to add to our plan around the areas of exercise, healthy sleep patterns and work habits.


Sublime Flower Essences

BluebottlesFlower Essences are Nature’s great healing gift, yet they’re still little known in the world of natural medicine. They are an incredible tool to assist with emotional balance, and a catalyst for growth and transformation. In this segment, you will learn how to use flower essences to release old patterns and ignite change in your life. You will learn how to choose the flower essences that are specific for your current needs. You will learn about the most effective and reputable companies, and how to create a flower essence formula.


Coming to Terms with our Emotional Dragons

Portrait of sad little girl standing near stone wall in the dayHow do we confront our despair and find our way to hope? How do we claim our regrets, and move beyond them? We will look into how stuck emotions can recycle through the system again and again, and what it takes to finally ‘let go’. We will claim our needs, and get in touch with our genuine ‘yes’ and ‘no’. We will discuss the role of trauma on our health and wellness, and the resulting sense of overwhelm. We will also explore the role of familial patterns and lineage issues. And I will be sharing resources for how to work with all of the above in an ongoing and meaningful way.


crown tiara womens gold with precious stonesYour Brilliant Spark: Wearing the Crown

We will be exploring how to dream a new life into vision. This involves connecting deeply with your life purpose and gifts that are longing to be shared. We will discuss how to feed ourselves with the power of pleasure. We will practice the art of ASKING AND RECEIVING. And, we will be incorporating all of this into our divine health plan.


“Working with Carla during my perimenopausal transition was nothing less than transformational, and deeply empowered the inner feminine that was so in need of support…

This was an especially painful time for me because I had lovingly embraced my menstrual cycles, fertility and motherhood, and now it was leaving. Carla held space for my fears with authenticity, empathy and profound understanding. With Carla’s healing, I was able to experience my inner life force moving forward, allowing for a deeper creativity to emerge. She shares an abundance of wisdom and life-affirming healing, and also embodies incredible amounts of knowledge about women’s health, that come from all of her years in gynecology.”

Valerie Carnevale, Director at creativelicense.com and Gestalt Therapist

“Carla is an inspired teacher…

The greatest value of studying with her is that she truly sparks a passion that empowers her students to take charge of their health.  She is such a caring and loving teacher.  I have studied with her, and worked with her as a client.  In both circumstances, I have grown enormously.  As a woman, if you want to learn about your body, your health, and how to take care of yourself in the most caring way, Carla is the right teacher for you.”

Liza Roeckl, Expressive Arts Therapist, Lizaroeckl.com

“Carla helped me reconnect with myself in another dimension, where I found what makes me alive, juicy, joyful and loving. She helped reawaken the goddess in me…

My menopause was accompanied by acute pain at intercourse. I was also an empty nester and living back in NY after six years in Tokyo and other parts of he world.  After Carla’s treatment, I never experienced any pain during intercourse again.  Having Carla on this planet is a blessing – where she transcends conventional medicine and embraces the patient through Her body, mind and spirit. That is the only way of healing.”

Teresa Peterson, Yoga/Meditation teacher

“Through Carla’s formidable brain and heart, I began to heal. I continue to thrive through her intensely deep intuitions and guidance. She is a remarkable healer…

Having heard stellar things about Carla’s unique combination of western women’s health knowledge and study of more unconventional modalities, I met with her to address perimenopausal symptoms. I had been experiencing hot flashes, fibroids, and emotional turbulence. Carla revealed her expertise immediately in her recommendations, which included nutritional changes, herbal remedies, flower essences and generous emotional support. Perhaps most importantly, she introduced me to the idea of this period in my life as something much more than a burden to bear; that the symptoms could be relieved and I could find much hope and personal power in the true acceptance of these changes.”

Karen Graham, Dancer/choreographer

“I recommend Carla to anyone going through perimenopause – even to a stranger I overheard at the herb store!  I whole-heartedly recommend her to you as well…

When I was going through perimenopause, I felt upended by what my body, mind and emotions were doing, and my doctor didn’t seem to get how disturbing this experience was. Then I talked to Carla, who listened with such compassion, I could feel she took my distress seriously and wanted to help – and help she did. The herbs she prescribed smoothed out the process considerably and made it possible for me to cope. It was a huge relief to have her wise emotional guidance and herbal knowledge to support me through a difficult time.”

Susannah Hardaway, filmmaker/author www.lucyandthebear.com

Still wondering if this program is for you? Contact Carla at Carla@naturalhealingforwomen.com to schedule a complimentary phone session, to see if “Embodying the Queen…” is the right fit.





Carla_Savetsky-283FCarla Savetsky, RPA, MS, Holistic Women’s Health Expert, is the owner of Natural Healing for Women, dedicated to assisting the conscious, natural-health oriented woman navigate her health care issues from the root. Carla has an extensive background in both conventional medicine and holistic healing modalities including herbalism, flower essence therapy, Maya Abdominal Massage and energy medicine. For over eighteen years, Carla worked as an OB/Gyn Physician Assistant in NYC, starting out delivering babies in the hospital, and over time developed and maintained her own practice in Holistic Gynecology. Currently, Carla offers individual and group programs through Natural Healing for Women, addressing health on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, and sharing her eclectic knowledge and wisdom to usher women through deep healing and transformation.

Carla Savetsky has been one of my favorite ‘go to’
women’s healthcare experts in NYC. And I have been thrilled
to have such an important resource to which to refer
those of you who desire true holistic women’s healthcare.”

~ C H R I S T I A N E  N O R T H R U P ,  M D

Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, Bantam Press