Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

We’re living in turbulent times my friends – cosmically, politically and for many of us…personally. Anything without a solid foundation in truth seems to be crumbling at our feet.

But here’s the part I want to call out: it’s not just the outer structures of your life that are breaking down. It’s also your limiting beliefs and the stories you hold as truth (about yourself and life circumstance) that are on shaky ground as well. If things have been feeling a bit rocky lately, consider this…

If your inner beliefs aren’t in accordance with reality and the truth of your nature, then there will be an inner rumbling. And here’s how your inner wisdom guides the way, letting you know it’s time to shift and grow: your inner state starts to feel really constricted and uncomfortable. Things that previously felt not great but acceptable are no longer tolerable. It’s like wearing clothes that have gotten way too tight.

This past year has brought some unprecedented changes in my personal life that have thrown me for a gigantic loop! And truthfully, I’ve gone back and forth between grasping on for dear life…and alternately, free falling into the arms of the Goddess. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you which one feels better…

I’m talking about Resistance versus Letting Go. I’m talking about living in fear versus being in the flow. This past year has brought me deep into the meditation of letting go of resistance and being in the flow. And here’s a few pointers I can share:

Resistance feels like there’s something inside you wanting to explode. At first it may be a quiet nagging, something not quite right. But this feeling becomes progressively louder and less tolerable as time goes by.

And trust me, I’ve seen women living with this type of resistance for years. I see it showing up in their bodies as nagging symptoms and even full-blown disease. Resistance calls out release. But if you’re anything like me, you need to understand what lies at the roots of an issue in order to let go. And this requires some soul searching.

Learning to let go of resistance…seeing through the fear and releasing into the flow is like a muscle that grows stronger as you exercise it.

The things I’ve found the most therapeutic are lots of support from loved ones, wise healers and remedies from nature like Flower Essences – to remind you that you’re whole and perfect in this moment, with nothing that needs to be fixed and nothing lacking.

Learning to let go and embrace change is an art form. Radical self-love and compassion help…ALOT.

In this grand adventure called Life, change is one of the few absolutes. If you’re feeling the squeeze of resistance, it may be that change is needed in places you believed were immutable. This is the challenging part.

If you can identify with this type of nagging or explosive feeling within, especially if it’s showing up in your body as symptoms…it’s enormously helpful to acknowledge what’s happening, and understand that this is merely resistance.

Once you can see this, you’re free to reach out widely and find your best medicine and support. Because ultimately and always, the inner Self will have her say…leading you into a more joyful reality.

Wishing you the most gentle release into a newfound freedom, today and always.

With Great Love and Healing,




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