Empathic/Ultra-Sensitive with Health Challenges?

Dear Beautiful One;
There are really good reasons that empathic, ultra-sensitive women suffer with hormonal imbalance, weight issues, chronic health problems and mood disorders.

And these reasons definitely defy the common wisdom about health and wellness. I’m going to share some of the hidden reasons for why you’ve been suffering, and why all your efforts toward health are only marginally working.

These are the causes that exist under the radar, and don’t show up on any lab tests. However, this may be where you need to be focusing your energies if you’ve been suffering for too long with these kinds of problems.

Chances are, your doctor has told you that you look just fine, and hasn’t found anything unusual on examination. These same doctors may even write you off as “crazy” because they’re at a loss for how to help you.

Or maybe you’re seeing an alternative doctor…or an acupuncturist or naturopath. And you’ve left their office with a bag full of supplements and herbal concoctions. And maybe they’ve helped. A little or a lot. But if something still isn’t right, and you’re currently at a stand still…

Just know that the key to healing hormonal imbalance, weight issues and chronic health problems that aren’t shifting, even with all you’ve been doing, is to understand that they are often rooted deeper than the physical body in which they manifest. And since most doctors know nothing about the mind-body connection, it’s important to realize that they don’t have the tools to help you.

These issues live in a realm where emotions and psycho-spiritual influences may have disrupted the flow of physical functioning, by way of the hormonal system, immunity and adrenal glands. This is what I see every day with my clients, and the good news is that there are actually direct and clear paths to healing.

In order for the Empath/Ultra-sensitive to heal, she may also need to address and work with the following issues:

1) History of Trauma: You may have a very good working understanding of your psychological “story” or narrative, your family of origin issues, patterns, mindset and more. Still, you may be plagued by anxiety, mood-swings, overeating, weight issues, etc. That’s because your history of trauma exists on a level deeper than the intellect, and no amount of mental comprehension is going to usher in the change you need. What is required is to clear this trauma from the body. This is accomplished with modalities that clear energy from the system, like Flower Essence Therapy, as well as therapies that essentially “unfreeze” the nervous system, like Somatic Experiencing and EMDR.

2) Boundary Issues: Empaths and Ultra-sensitives often have breaches in their energy field which makes them feel anxious, vulnerable, emotionally unstable and overwhelmed. Further, you may have a hard time establishing healthy boundaries in interpersonal relationships, and so it can actually feel much easier to be alone. There are reasons for this that have to do with your earliest experiences of connection and attachment. Learning about your attachment style and feeling confident saying “no” are of utmost importance for your health and wellbeing.

3) Toxic Relationships: Relationships are LIFE, and if you have people around you that are needy, victimized, narcissistic, parasitic, abusive, etc., this drains your energy and leaves you vulnerable to a breakdown in health. Healthy relationships share an even exchange of giving and receiving, and if this balance is swayed toward the negative, it may actually be impacting your state of health.

These 3 reasons for your greatest health challenges are both invisible, and often bleed into each other. They mostly go unseen by mainstream and even alternative healthcare providers. However, they are imperative to investigate, especially if you are an ultra-sensitive or empathic woman.

In order to help you learn more about how to truly heal in just this way, I’ve opened my schedule this week for 3 calls, or Deep Healing Complimentary Sessions.

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Also, you can simply shoot me an email, and let me know your biggest challenges is in this arena. I will write back to each and every email.

With Love and Healing,


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