Enlightened Approach to Depression~Anxiety

Beautiful Woman;

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly?”

Perhaps…but let’s face it, between the wintery-cold, the snow, and the holidays, it’s frequently a time that many of us experience depression and anxiety as a near constant companion.

Or maybe you’re in the peri/menopausal years, and these lovely symptoms are simply a part of the package. I know that when I entered menopause, my most intense symptom wasn’t hot flashes, weight gain or decreased libido…it was intense anxiety!

I also struggled with depression in my teens and early twenties, having come from a family of fairly, severe depressives, and therefore learned this coping mechanism early on.

But living in spiritual community with a steady meditation practice in my mid-twenties, taught me another habit of mind. Since then, I’ve very rarely experienced any depression at all, even in the midst of some terrible circumstances.

Here’s what I’ve learned about depression and anxiety through these experiences, as well as years of helping my clients to heal from mental health challenges the holistic way.

Clearly, depression and anxiety are integral with biochemical alterations in the body and the brain that make you feel like crap. The medical approach is to keep you on a psychiatric medication indefinitely, in order to “correct” these biochemical aberrations with synthetic chemicals.

But the problem with medication is that it does nothing to address the root cause of the imbalance. Think of the symptoms of depression and anxiety as the outermost layer of an onion. Treating with medication in an ongoing way to manipulate your biochemistry, while never getting to the source of the imbalance.

The enlightened approach to healing depression and anxiety is to peel back the layers of the onion, to find the place that these mental challenges began, took root, and then…to heal that place.

Now for clarification, I have nothing against medication (as a matter of fact, Valium has been a very good friend to me during a few distinct moments of crisis,) even though I also know of great and effective natural remedies that can be tremendously helpful.

I believe in having the wisdom to utilize the appropriate substance for the appropriate circumstance. But remember, whether you use a pharmaceutical or an herb, you’re still working on the level of the physiology.

But there’s a deeper truth, which is that mental health issues have an ORIGIN that underly these physiologic changes, and the enlightened approach is to discover that original source, the place where the imbalance took root, and heal from there.

This is how I help my clients to truly HEAL from depression and anxiety. What does this require? First and foremost, an open mind, because you won’t find these explanations in a medical text or the latest study. But if they pertain to you, they’ll ring true on the deepest level.

Here are some of the out-of-the-box origins of depression~anxiety that I’ve found with my clients, and have helped them heal from:

~History of Trauma
~Lineage Issues (this means that you’re unconsciously holding burdens for your ancestors.)
~Entity Attachment (weird…yes! But much more common than you’d think, and actually, an easy one to solve.)
~Birth Trauma (something you wouldn’t remember consciously, but it lives on in your body and causes issues.)
~Negative Self-talk (this can get brutal and exhausting!)
~Medical issues such as hormonal imbalance, low thyroid and Lyme disease & co-infections.
~Toxic Relationships

From here, we heal the biochemistry naturally with:

Dietary changes (hint: get off sugar!)
Supplements – 5HTP, Vitamin D, Magnesium, B Vitamins, fish oils
Herbs – St. Johns Wort, Damiana, Lavender
Essential Oils – I love the citrus oils here, but there are so many.
Exercise – cardio is the best!
Flower Essences – Gorse, Borage and others

I hope you’re learning new things that are useful. And if you’d like to learn more about how I help my clients heal Depression and Anxiety the natural, holistic, enlightened way…you’re in luck!

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Over the last 16 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women heal from some of the most entrenched and difficult health and wellness challenges, through my unique system that gets to the root cause, and then proceeds to usher you into your fullest life. Simply click HERE to schedule your session.

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Finally, here’s a prescription for the true and enlightened way to heal from Depression~Anxiety, and to live your best life:

~Take responsibility for all of your life, and EVERYTHING that happens to you.

~Know that you are powerful beyond measure.

~Believe that healing is possible in EVERY circumstance, with the proper support and remedies.

And finally, finally, I’m proud to announce a new healing platform, in which I’ll be sharing my 25 years of health knowledge and healing gems!

It’s a FB Group: Where Goddesses Heal: Women’s Health Secrets Revealed! And I’d love you to participate, to receive support, knowledge and guidance. Come on over by clicking on the link below, and once in, click the “join” button, to get in on the action: https://www.facebook.com/groups/569516073872440/

I’ll be going LIVE this Thursday at 1pm ET, sharing remedies for Depression~Anxiety, and answering all of your burning questions. So mark your calendars!

Until then….

Sending Love and Healing 🌹


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