Favorite Remedies for GUT HEALING

Dearest Beauty;
Gut Healing has been something of a life-long project for me, having suffered from belly issues since I was very, very young.

The reason that healing your gut is SO challenging is because it’s been with you so long and therefore so entrenched, and because it requires changes that aren’t easy to make. Namely, your DIET. Your SUGAR ADDICTION. Your every day habits.

That’s why it’s not for the faint of heart, or those looking for a quick fix. It takes a great deal of commitment and determination. However, it’s worth the effort because Gut Health is truly the key to sparkling health! 

If you have bloating, constipation or loose, frequent stools, discomfort or gas on a near daily basis….you’re in need of gut healing. Here are the most important tools that I’ve learned on my way back to sparkling gut health.

THE SPECIFIC CARBOHYDRATE DIET (SCD): This is the basis of the GAPS Diet, which is popular for children on the autistic spectrum. The SCD essentially takes all starch out of the diet. This may seem incredibly restrictive, but it is SO healing that it very quickly feels easy. What I’ve learned over time is that it’s possible to make any way of eating both gratifying and delicious.

CLEANSING: Parasites, yeast and other unhealthy microbes that are colonizing your gut, require cleansing from the system. A very clean diet, is of course the basis, but also specific herbs to draw out and kill off the offending critters. I love the products from a company called CellCore, for yeast & parasite cleansing, and detoxifying the system from the die-off that occurs, leading to brain-fog and bloating.

REPAIR: Of the leaky gut that contributes to systemic health issues like autoimmunity and mystery illness. Pure Aloe Gel is my new favorite product for this. The trick is to find a product that is totally pure, which is not common in the marketplace. In the past, whenever I’d try an aloe product, my gut would feel more irritated! But with the purest of products, your gut will feel soothed. I’ve been using the fresh, frozen gel from a company called Stockton.

REPLENISHMENT: Putting back the probiotics, prebiotics and all the healthy flora that your gut is now lacking. This includes high quality fermented vegetables, homemade or from organic companies (like Hawthorne Valley Farms, Real Pickles or Hosta Hill) on a daily basis, as well as supplements like RESTORE, that aids with repair and integrity of the intestinal wall.

These are my tips for today. I’d love to hear your stories of Gut Healing, or if you have a great supplement that’s helped you to heal, please let me know. Also, feel free to email me back with questions.

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And as always, feel free to pass this information along to friends and family that are in need of this profound healing.

With Love and Healing,


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