Flower Essence Lab

Flower Essences for Transitions & Turbulent Times

In this one and a half hour, online workshop, we’ll delve into the great healing power of Flower Essences, and how to use them as allies for navigating life’s challenges (otherwise known as opportunities for growth!)

The beauty of Flower Essences is that they help to feel calm and grounded, at the same time that they assist in our soul’s evolution.

In the workshop, we’ll cover topics including:

  • A brief history of Flower Essences
  • How to make a Flower Essence on your own
  • Which are the best companies for your needs
  • How to create an effective formula for a specific effect
  • Which essences work best for relieving anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  • How to get started using them with friends, family or in your healing practice
  • Also with time for Q & A


Wednesday January 30th, 2pm ET

On ZOOM. The link will be sent to all participants.

Anyone looking to deepen their understanding and usage of Flower Essences in their personal life or healing practice.



About Carla
Carla Savetsky, RPA, MS, Holistic Women’s Health Expert, uses Flower Essences in her Holistic Women’s Health practice, along with herbal and nutritional medicine, and the knowledge that comes with a twenty-year background in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her approach is dedicated to healing from the inside/out – addressing physical, emotional and spiritual issues at their root. She has been studying Flower Essence Therapy since 1998 with some of the most prestigious teachers in the field, and has been using Flower Essences in her practice since 2004 where she delights in witnessing the enormous change and insight that these remedies help to usher in.

For more information, email: carla@carlasavetsky.com