For All “Growth-Junkies”…a Must-Read!

Dear Women of the Natural Healing for Women Community,

Are you a Growth-Junkie like me?

I’ll define this as someone who is constantly striving for the next tier of growth in every aspect of their inner and outer life…

reaching for greater health & wellness, financial freedom, intimacy & connection, sense of purpose, peace, balance, sacredness, the list goes on and on, right???

But being a Growth-Junkie can also become exhausting if you keep bumping up against the same old walls of frustration.

Something important occurred to me during a yoga class over the weekend — the place where all my best realizations bubble to the surface.

My teacher was slowly and precisely talking us through a “reverse triangle” pose. He was reminding us to create stability through the hips and pelvis, before stretching out the spine lengthwise, and finally twisting.

I’ve always considered this pose one of my most challenging. But through his instruction, I was able to go deep into the posture, and something inside my body released and opened.

These are the moments I cherish, because as the body opens there’s always a corresponding spiritual insight.

This one came by way of an understanding that’s been so relevant to my journey over the past 9 months, and I’m guessing it will be relevant for you too. Here’s what I realized:

In order for growth to occur in a deep and lasting way, leading to genuine transformation…it must take place over a stable foundation.

All too often, we attempt to grow and transform, unaware of the integrity of our foundation. That’s because the foundation is the part rooted in old, habitual patterns that can be hard to see.

Here are a few examples of reaching for growth without a solid foundation:

Going on a 30-day whole foods challenge to heal your digestionbut neglecting to consider your tendency towards emotional eating.

Trying to calm your emotional volatility through meditationbut neglecting to secure healthy boundaries with an invasive family member.

Attempting to improve the sexual relationship in your marriagebut ignoring the deep resentment that’s been unexpressed for years.

If you’ve been trying to grow healthier in any area of your life but feel stuck or frustrated, it may be that you don’t have a stable foundation to support your efforts.

The foundation is where the root of your issue lives. And it’s also the only place that real transformation can proceed from.

If you’ve been searching for healing that’s remained elusive, think about what you may be avoiding looking at…consider what may be at the root.

If this feels difficult, it’s because underlying your efforts may be a sense that it’s hopeless. But this is not truth — just despair. And this despair can be penetrated and released with the proper support.

Keep reaching for the growth and transformation you desire…that you know is your birthright. But make sure to proceed with the wisdom to create a solid foundation. 

Because ultimately, this is the path that will set you free…..


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