Lately, I’ve noticed that so many of the women reaching out to me for
help are keenly aware that their reproductive health problem is rooted insome type of emotional and/or psycho-spiritual issue.

This is exactly what I’ve observed over years of working in women’s
health – that’s there’s most always a corresponding emotional or psycho-
spiritual component to a reproductive health issue.

The consciousness of the planet is growing rapidly, and waking up to thewisdom of the mind-body connection… understanding that true healing
can only proceed when we include the entirety of our Being.

Female health issues, more often than not, run deeper than the physical
body with their origins in unresolved trauma and unexpressed emotion.

More and more, women are ready to take full responsibility for their
healing, by diving deeply into the unconscious realms where their issues
are stored.

Which brings me to the 2nd chakra and your feminine health…

As you may well know, the chakras are energy centers that correspond
with the regions of your body around the endocrine glands.

The 2nd chakra is located around the pelvic area and sexual organs.
Therefore, a 2nd chakra imbalance is often expressed through a
reproductive health issue such as: painful periods, hormonal imbalance,
chronic vaginal or bladder infections, infertility, cervical dysplasia,
painful sex, fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc.

This means that if you’ve been suffering with one of these issues and
haven’t found resolution, you may need to direct your focus towards
healing the 2nd chakra. Okay, so now you may be wondering…how do I
nurture the 2nd chakra and bring it to a state of health?

First let’s look at the qualities of the 2nd chakra, and how it functions. The 2nd chakra is thought to be the seat of creativity, emotion, relationship
and sexuality. A healthy 2nd chakra opens to receive pleasure,
connection and nurturance, while it closes to repel threat, boundary
violation and unhealthy relational dynamics.

Problems with the 2nd chakra arise when as a child, you received
messages and conditioning around being good and bad that contradictedyour natural sense of pleasure and repulsion. For example, a child finds
touching her genitals warm and pleasurable, but receives the message
that she is bad and is shamed for it. At the same time, she is forced to kiss
the cheek of a relative that feels horrible and creepy. This is where the
confusion around what feels good vs. what feels bad originates. You learnthat you’re not entitled to your own authentic inner sense of  ‘yes’ and
‘no’. You learn to betray the wisdom of your body…the natural function of the 2nd chakra.

Further, your bodily autonomy may not have been protected or respected at all. You may have suffered blatant boundary violations, or egregious
acts such as physical or sexual abuse. All of these things further throw
the 2nd chakra into disarray.

Here are a few examples of how this works:

My patient with endometriosis that had been sexually abused by a family
friend at six years old, but her parents would never acknowledge it. Her
pelvic organs are still “flaming” over it.

My client with horribly painful, heavy and nauseating periods, only to
improve after she stood up to the ex-husband that was still abusing and
harassing her.

My patient with chronic vaginitis that nothing could cure. She only got
better after facing up to the fact that her husband had been having affairs, and finally found the strength to leave him. 

Here is an important question to ask: where in your life have you
betrayed the wisdom of the 2nd chakra? Please know that there’s
absolutely no blame here. All of this happens on an unconscious level,
from a very young age, and is generally encouraged by the culture
around you.

But now that you’re more conscious, the question becomes: how will youreclaim your health by coming to a deeper understanding of that which
needs to be expressed and released? Are there relational dynamics in
your life that need to be changed and upgraded?

Here are the steps to take for true healing to proceed:

 Awareness – All healing begins with awareness. That’s what your
symptoms are calling out for – to be deciphered and understood. Their
goal is to help you awaken, to bring you closer to your true Self. Allow
yourself to open to their message.
Self-Expression – If there are longstanding emotions that have been
suppressed and held in the 2nd chakra, it’s time to cleanse and reboot by
letting these emotions have their say. Emotions quite naturally cycle
through the system if given the opportunity to come forth, rather than
being banished and stuffed down. Commit to an outlet for expressing
your emotions.
Clearing Trauma – animals in the wild encountering a life-threatening
(ie traumatic) situation have an instinctual mechanism for shaking off
the experience. This “shaking” frees their nervous system to recalibrate,
and they are then able to run free – literally and figuratively. Humans
have lost this instinctual mechanism, and more often than not, trauma
(or overwhelming experiences that are never processed) remain frozen
in your system, so that you continue to “see” threatening circumstances
that play out all around you. Seek out a trauma resolution therapist or
peer counseling.
Receiving Support and Connection – this is a basic human need, but all
too often, shame gets in the way of reaching out for authentic and
intimate support. Get honest with yourself about your needs, and then
open your field of consciousness to see where in your life this is availableto you. It may mean seeking out a new therapist or healer to assist with
your particular circumstance.

Ultimately any feminine dis-ease can be traced back to the ways in whichyou’ve lost connection with your truth, and identity with your divine
nature. Here’s to the collective reclamation of connection with the
Goddess, standing in the fullness of your feminine power…today and

With Great Love and Healing,


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 One of my favorite sayings, and what’s so important to know is,
“The issues live in the tissues.” 

 Until we address those issues that take up residence in our cells and deplete our life force energy, we won’t truly heal. 

Wishing you great health and healing, so that you may thrive in the life that you were meant to live,


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