Beautiful Woman;

It’s that time of year again…THE HOLIDAYS, which you may either love or hate.

But if the holidays are at all difficult for you, there’s often a very sound reason (generally rooted in childhood trauma.) And more often than not, has to do with difficult family-of-origin dynamics.

People often curse the holidays, but what’s not stated outright is that the hardest thing about this time of year, is being forced to sit in a room with family members that make you feel less than warm and cozy.

Yes, I’m saying that what mostly makes the holidays difficult is FAMILY. That’s right — those people that ignite inner feelings of conflict, and that are more easily avoided the rest of the year.

If you have difficult family members that you feel anxious and tangled up around…I get it! So often, we feel guilt or shame about how we feel about family members, and take it upon ourselves, wondering: what’s wrong with me? But these feelings are really your inner guidance system letting you know that these people (yes..maybe even your mother, father or siblings) are toxic.

If you have family members that are critical, judgmental, phony, bullying, blaming, disrespectful of boundaries, insulting, rude, needy, intrusive, fill in the blank…it’s NORMAL to want to escape them.

Listen…just so you know, this took me a VERY long time to learn. You are not alone here!

So, how to make it through family gatherings with grace, while maintaining your sanity in the process?

Here are a few tips that helped me sail through Thanksgiving this year, and I hope they help you too.

1) KNOW WHAT/WHO YOU’RE DEALING WITH: This means mentally rehearsing how difficult family members are bound to act, and prepare yourself. Maybe this involves a clever comeback line to assert a strong boundary, or figure out how you’re going to consciously ignore them. Either way, prepare yourself for this difficult person’s predictable behavior, so that you’re armed and ready, rather than being caught off-guard.

2) TAKE ENERGETIC REMEDIES: Protecting your self with energetic remedies can be wildly effective. My favorites are Flower Essences–the power of which are unparalleled. Here are two of my most potent allies, both for under $20.00: Soul Support blend by Alaskan Essences
and Emergency Protection by Delta Gardens

3)BRING YOUR OWN FUN: The most common strategy to make it through family gatherings is to grit your teeth, hold your breath, and/or anesthetize your self with too much dessert or wine. But there’s a better way! Instead, decide to change the course of the gathering, by bringing your own fun. For me, I love to sing, so this Thanksgiving, I brought my guitar, and my son played and we sang into the night. You can bring your own gifts to steer the course of how the gathering proceeds, rather falling prey to the energy of others. Some other ideas are bringing art supplies, games, stories or topics of conversation to engage the table in.

4)SET UP SUPPORT: Make a plan with a friend, therapist or healer beforehand, to have a phone date/face time to discharge emotions and feelings, for all the issues that are bound to arise.

What are your strategies for making it through the Holidays and family gatherings? I’d love to hear!

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Hope to see you there.

With Love and Healing 🌹


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