Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

 TRAUMA…it’s a misunderstood term. If you google it, you’ll find many definitions, like the one I found in Collins Dictionary:

“A very severe shock, or very upsetting experience which may cause psychological damage.” 

I think of trauma as any event or knowledge that overwhelms your psyche to such an extent – it can’t be fully absorbed and processed at the time.

That’s why your mind may fixate on seemingly unrelated matters, getting caught in loops of obsessive thinking. Or you may experience a low-level anxiety or maybe even panic attacks. These are signs that there’s trauma caught in your system…calling for acknowledgement and release.

To be able to fully acknowledge and process the trauma is key. 

Studies have shown that people in fires and other natural disasters who “took it on” – rushing into flames to save others, rising to the immensity of a calamity – these were the people that escaped long-standing psychological damage. Isn’t that fascinating?

Confronting a life-threatening situation and moving through the fear is the antidote to the long-lasting effects of trauma.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the skill-set to save people from a burning building, or deal with a trauma that occurred as a young child when we had few self-help resources.

Or even as an adult, if you were completely shocked and blind-sided by an event that felt as though it compromised your very survival – these are the traumas that get stored in your body with lasting repercussions for health and wellbeing, and will only clear with the proper support.

If you have trauma stored and frozen in the energy system of your body – how can it be cleared – to be free of mental anguish and perhaps even a chronic health condition?

Your trauma needs to be shaken off by moving through the fear, leading to release and lasting freedom.

That’s where Flower Essences can so powerfully work to heal trauma and bring health into the system. Flower Essences deliver the healthy, vibrant energy of Nature into the energy system of your body. 

When you take a flower essence, its’ healing properties awaken the remembrance of health and vibrancy, leading to the establishment of a healthy, new terrain within the energy system. Within this new terrain, trauma may be kicked up into conscious awareness, opening the way for processing and release.

This processing can come in various forms, including dream-time and through confronting current life challenges. Or it may be processed more directly through emotional release, artistic expression or a recovered memory.

And here’s the really amazing part: Flower Essences also provide the strength and support to help you confront your fears and difficult feelings. They can provide the fortitude to examine a trauma that has felt too overwhelming otherwise.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, or too easy…know that clearing trauma is not an effortless endeavor. In my experience, it’s come through the willingness to dig deep, along with the assistance of Flower Essences and the support of a trusted advisor who understands the issues I’m dealing with.

One way or another, true health starts on the energetic level of our bodies. Flower Essences are an unmatched ally for bringing health and vibrancy into the system on this level. From here, even the most difficult issues such as trauma, can be confronted, moved through and released.

I’m wishing you this release into profound freedom…today and always.

With Great Love and Healing Light,


* Most of my knowledge about trauma is informed by the brilliance of David Dalton ( and Peter Levine (“Waking the Tiger”). Please check out their incredible work for more information.


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Over 6 months, where we’ll meet once monthly, and you’ll travel into areas of your life that call for support and healing. One step at a time, I’ll provide intuitive guidance and hold space for deep and permanent transformation, ushered in by Flower Essences and Wisdom Counseling.

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