Last winter, I just couldn’t get warm. No matter what I did, no matter how many layers I put on, I maintained a constant chill that kept my muscles tense and gave me a shiver down to the bone.

I’d had a particularly stressful Autumn last year, which included making the move out of NYC to a very unfamiliar environment, and I could feel that my nervous and endocrine system were off. When I looked at a photograph of myself during this time, what stood out to me was my neck – it looked odd. And I once again started to wonder about my thyroid… 

My whole adult like, I’ve been vulnerable to hormonal imbalance, and I’ve suffered with symptoms of fatigue, constipation and cold intolerance – all indicative of low thyroid function. Also, my mother and sister are both hypothyroid, so it’s in the family. Yet, my thyroid lab results have always come back NORMAL.


Actually, over the years, there have been subtle aberrations from the norm on my labs that my doctors never paid any attention to. And in my medical training as well, I’d never learned about interpreting these types of subtleties, so I viewed them as insignificant.

But now I wondered…do these subtle abnormalities have significance? And thank goodness I did! Because it lead me to some fascinating research, and I learned how to interpret the subtleties of thyroid testing and ways to heal thyroid disease from the root cause of the problem. Because in truth, there are multiple causes of thyroid dysfunction, not just one.

This is an area where mainstream medicine fails. The root cause of thyroid malfunction is never taken into consideration. But once we know the cause of the problem, we can take decisive steps to correct it through dietary modifications, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes. It doesn’t happen over night, but we can heal the thyroid, and feel better every step along the way.

I’m happy to say that as this winter approaches, I’m feeling so much more comfortable in my skin. I have so much more energy, and my digestion is so much smoother.

I would LOVE to help you to take a closer look at your lab tests, your symptoms, and unravel the mystery of how to heal your thyroid.

After my last post, I had such a positive response to offering 30-minute complimentary sessions, that I’ve decided to open up 3 more spots in my schedule for next week. I know that there are so many of you that can use this help. Just click HERE to request a session.

So if you’re still wondering if low-functioning thyroid could be the cause of your symptoms, please contact me ASAP, to get in for one of the sessions that I’m making available for next week only. These are the last complimentary sessions that I’ll be offering before the New Year, so please feel free to reach out HERE.

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