In Search of Healing?…Read This Now!

Dear Women of the Natural Healing for Women Community,

Since you’re reading this article, I’m going to assume that you’ve had to search outside of the boxin order to find health and healing.

Either the conventional medications and procedures haven’t worked, or you’re just repelled by such an invasive and/or myopic approach.

So you’ve sought out the advice and treatments of a myriad of healers and holistic remedies. I get it! I’ve spent my entire life in pursuit of healing, and I know what a long road it can be.

BUTwhen you find something that works, everything just keeps getting better and better every step along the way.

So do not be deterred. Healing often happens slowly, and then… all at once! Sometimes, it’s about finding that one “magic” remedy that goes very deep and sends you light years forward in your path.

That’s what happened for me when I discovered Flower Essences, used in the very deep and penetrating way that I learned through my unique flower essence training. Whereas most flower essence teachings merely match remedies up with symptoms or personality types, I was trained to use essences in accordance with the Chakra System. In this way, I learned to clear unhealthy, stagnant energy patterns in the system, due to old trauma, familial patterns or karmic issues.

Using flower essences in this way has been remarkably powerful, andI never grow tired of witnessing my clients expand into greater freedom, empowerment and inner peace.

In fact, this work has been so amazing, that for years I resisted using Flower Essences for treating physical ailments. Even though I KNEW how powerful they were for clearing physical ailments!

You see, I’d been studying how to clear dis-ease in the body using flower essences by way of an innovative process, developed by the incredible David Dalton of Delta Gardens (a flower essence production, research, and education company in New Hampshire) for many years.

Little by little, I began using this process when clients were debilitated by physical ailments that were receiving little to NO help from conventional or alternative medicine. And I was increasingly stunned by the results. Since the bulk of my clientele works with me from a distance, I was also amazed to see that the sessions worked equally as well remotely, as they did in person.

I began working with people that had ailments such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Lyme and it’s co-infections, POTS Syndrome, Candida, Viral issues, and those that were as yet undiagnosed but suffering greatly.

I worked with one young man that was so ill with a co-infection of Lyme disease that he wasn’t able to work. After seven sessions, he was completely healed and resumed all of his normal activities.

These sessions are very simple. The client lies down on the massage table, or if we’re working remotely, I have them lie down in a quiet place for 30 minutes.

During this time, the essence process works to bring healthy, vibrant energy into the system, boosting the health of the inner terrain, and making the environment less hospitable to foreign microbes while soothing inflammatory issues. The work also includes a very thorough diagnostic process that can pick up problems that may have been missed through conventional testing.

This work continues to bring fascinating results, and I figured it was time that I came out of the closet, and let my community know about its great healing potential.

For many us on the ultra-sensitive spectrum, we need to search for health outside of the box. You may get discouraged along the way, but know that there ARE answers.

Keep searching, keep an open mind and listen to your inner wisdom by staying alert to that which resonates strongly.This will never lead you astray.

Then, reach out and gain support! That’s the place where healing will find you.

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