Is a Toxic Relationship Making You Sick?!?

Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

It’s been a long time since I’ve connected with you, as I’ve been deep within the cocoon of healing and self-nurturance after the ending of my 20-year marriage, and all of the rupture that accompanied it.

But I have to say, there’s NOTHING like intense suffering to accelerate spiritual growth! And I’ve been on a very accelerated path of transformation this past year, coming face to face with my oldest traumas and demons in this life time – welcoming back all the parts of myself that I’d banished, disowned and wasn’t even conscious of.

Which leads me to today’s topic, because it’s all about hard realities that can feel really difficult to face. Our closest relationships are generally the prisms through which we define ourselves and our life. They are what we depend on for our very survival – emotionally, psychologically and practically.  And, they are so close in, they are often very hard to see clearly. However, if your closest relationships are less than supportive and nurturing on a daily basis, they could be negatively impacting your health.

I know you’re aware of the hazards of environmental toxins – chemicals in the water, air, soil, cosmetics, cleaning products, building materials, etc. You may be so health-conscious in fact, that you wouldn’t dream of drinking unfiltered water, or eating conventionally raised poultry.

But when was the last time you took inventory of your closest relationships – the people surrounding you on a daily basis? If these relationships have a toxic element, they may actually be compromising your health worse than any synthetic chemical, and causing your lingering symptoms or an actual disease process.

Because your bodily ills – whatever they may be – are reflective of an imbalance going on in your system: physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. Your symptoms are your teacher… if you have the ears to listen.

So what constitutes a toxic relationship? Here’s a short list to consider when thinking about a close relationship in your life that you may have suspicions about.

Is this person: manipulative, controlling, violating of boundaries, energy-sucking, critical, insensitive, withholding, crazy-making, ungenerous…a good deal of the time? 

Are they self-absorbed with either their accomplishments and grandeur, or (equally as soul-sucking) with their own pain and suffering? Do you have a sense that this person twists the truth? Has this person ever betrayed your trust?

If the answer to any of these is “YES”, then it’s really important to get honest with yourself about how your health and wellbeing may be negatively impacted by this relationship. Especially if you have an on-going health issue.

But here’s the tricky part…it can be so hard to acknowledge these issues in our closest relationships. Why? Because in our closest relationships, it may feel impossible to separate us from themNot to mention the fact that we may be dependent on these relationships for our every day survival and/or emotional needs.

And…what happens when this person is your mother, or your child…or your beloved life partner? This may well feel like an impossible situation to free yourself from, and despair may dissuade you from even allowing yourself to examine these areas.

However, if you’re resonating with this on any level, and you’re starting to sink down into your chair… know that there’s good news too!

The truth is that YOU have the power to make profound changes within your SELF, that translate into changes within your outer reality…including your relationships.

Your whole world will shift when you find the inner resources to stop tolerating the status quo, and make the necessary changes to arrest the unhealthy dynamics in your relationship.

I’ve experienced this so many times personally, and seen it play out with so many clients, that I no longer have doubts about the power of this type shift. Over the years, I’ve watched my clients erect healthy boundaries within toxic interpersonal dynamics, and create real and lasting changes with their children, partners, parents and bosses. And you can too!

Of course, this type of inner work also involves risk. The risk of loss that change can bring. Only you know if you’re ready for this. However, your body may be speaking so loudly, that you have no choice but to listen.

Either way, let your symptoms or disease process function for you, as a wake-up call to stop tolerating unhealthy behaviors from those closest in your life. Learn to create healthy boundaries around behaviors and situations that feel soul-sucking or diminishing. 

When you truly learn to honor your own needs and put them at the forefront of your world, that’s when healthy, healing energy floods back into your system. This is when you’re on the road back to health and wellbeing.

Wishing You Great Health and and Always,


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