Is THIS Just Part of Aging in my Forties?

Dear Women of the Natural Healing for Women Community,

If you’re in your forties, and experiencing:


worsening PMS

Sleep Difficulties

Heavy Periods

Joint pain

Migraine Headaches

Weight gain – especially around the middle

Hot flashes

Anxiety and/or Depression

Hair loss and other strange symptoms

You may be wondering: is this just what goes along with getting older in my forties? 

These symptoms are absolutely part of changing hormones at this time of life. However,  they are also a red flag from your body that speak to a deeper imbalance… and one that could wreak havoc on your health if left unchecked.

I know…let me guess! You’ve been to your doctor and all of the blood tests came back normal. The doctor says that nothing’s wrong. But you know that all is not well. It may be because your energy level is increasingly dragging down around your ankles, and it’s getting harder to pick back up.

Your forties are a time of transition from one stage of life into another. Yet, you have little time to cocoon and contemplate the stirrings of your soul. Rather, you tend to be pulled in a million different directions. There’s little time to nurture your health, since you’re so busy tending to the needs of your kids, your parents, your job and your partner. Your body and soul are crying out for love and attention, and through these symptoms is the shout to be heard.

Our forties are actually a time when it’s VITAL to listen…because it’s the time when chronic illness can set in. It’s the phase of life when underlying constitutional weakness tends to surface. In short, it’s the time when the sh*t often hits the fan.

Let me share with you the cautionary tale of one NYC working mom in her forties (and….ehem …if this woman should bear any resemblance to yours truly…well….you’re probably justing reading into it…)

Let’s call her “Sal”. She had a child at the tail end of her childbearing years. She had some underlying health issues that she didn’t really have the time to address head-on. She was ambitious in her career and took a position that required her to take on a great deal of responsibility while lacking adequate monetary compensation. (She was a life-long “over-giver” and a poor “receiver”.)

Her husband went back to school, and so she had to pick up all of the childcare responsibilities and managed everything at home. She tried her hardest to make everything perfect for her child. Her finances were very over-extended and she ended up with too much debt. So she started a small business on the side and picked up another part time job to pay off her debt.

During this whole time, she felt the calling of a 2nd child, even though there was no space nor resources for this. She tried none the less, and had a miscarriage. She battled with finding suitable housing in an unforgiving housing market. She lived in many compromised situations but never stopped trying to make it work. She strived endlessly.

Her life entailed running from one obligation to the next. Her health was showing signs of distress. She didn’t know how to give herself what she needed, because she barely had time to consider it. Her life was about caring for her patients, her clients, her son, her husband, her home, and then, there was nothing left over for herself.

Honestly, I could go on, but I don’t want to lose you.  I think you get the picture. Oh, but I forgot to mention that when she was forty-eight…she was diagnosed with breast cancer.


This is when the lesson really sunk in. She knew that it all had to change on a very deep level. She knew that she needed to find the support that could bring in a whole new consciousness. She knew that she had to stop taking care of everyone else and give to herself. She knew that she needed  to let go of the grief and bitterness that  was eating away at her. She knew that she needed to find a way of life that was nurturing to her health…and her soul.

And that is what she did…..

So honestly, is there any part of this story that you can relate to? If so,what does your body and spirit NEED that you aren’t getting in your life right now? What in your life feels unsustainable? What thoughts come back to you again and again and nudge you in your sleep?

These are the very places that you need to pay attention to if you’re going to move into the next phase of life with vitality and grace.

Otherwise, these are the places that will catch up with you, and could manifest as dis-ease in your body.

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