Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

I’m so excited to share about my incredibleFlower Essence Journey – a pilgrimage to Mount Shasta, California, known to be one of the most sacred sites on the planet.

I’ve been using flower essences since 1998, and my understanding and reverence oftheir potential for healing, growth and transformation only deepens and expands over time.

I gathered with a group of eleven women from across the globe, in a big house at the base of this magical mountain.

Mount Shasta is said to be home to Ascended Masters, angelic beings and other evolved souls – making it their headquarters during the great shift into the Aquarian Age – ushering in love, peace, abundance and wisdom.

Mount Shasta is also known as the Root Chakra of the planet.

Our mission was to gather flower, tree and environmental essences – learning about the medicine that lives within this spiritual power spot and healing vortex.

My personal intention for healing was to release all fear around survival-based (root chakra) issues and to clear my heart of any bitterness. I also desired to find essences to complete a set that I’ve been compiling for many years: Flower Essences for Healing Feminine Wounding.

Upon arriving in town, the energy of the mountain was immediately palpable – a deep and vibrant peace. And the voice of my intuition became LOUD! 

Over the next seven days and nights, this inner voice guided me to the essences that called out for creation. 

Daily our group would venture into the most pristine natural settings, seeking out flowers, trees and even animals…to make essences of.

At this majestic water falls called Fairy Falls, I had a mystical experience with a black & orange butterfly.She sat next to me on a rock for over thirty minutes – flitting her wings and communicating about her unique medicine for women. This is the magic of Mount Shasta!

Here I am making an essence of the White Hyssop flower: her healing gift is about letting go of feminine shame.

Our group performed sacred ritual during the Full Moon and Lion’s Gate Portal – two powerful astrological events which happened during our time together.Unwinding of old patterns and deep release occurred for each woman, as we also held space for healing the larger collective. 

Every day brought a new adventure revealing profound mysteries that are too numerous to recount, but will live within me forever.

I’m so humbled and grateful for this sacred pilgrimage, these profound openings and healing essences – andcan’t wait to witness all the healing and transformation they’ll bring to my clients and larger community.

If you’re feeling intrigued by flower essences and drawn to their potential for healing, growth and transformation…NOW is the time to dive in! Life is precious and Life is a gift. If these words feel hollow or remote, flower essences are the perfect remedy for restoring your sense of wonder. And so much more….

With Great Love and Healing,




For a limited time, I’m offering a life-changing Program called: The Flower Essence Journey,where you’ll gain the freedom to move out of old, stuck, entrenched patterns, and step into the next phase of your life with clarity, ease and empowerment – based on your deepest desires.

Over 6 months, where we’ll meet once monthly: you will journey into areas of your life that call for support and healing. One step at a time, I’ll provide intuitive guidance and hold space for deep and permanent transformation from the root, ushered in by the Flower Essences and Wisdom Counseling.

Because of the great inspiration I’ve received in Mount Shasta, I’m dedicated to making this Program available to all those who feel a deep resonance, and have done my best to make it extremely affordable (each monthly session + individualized flower essence formula ends up equaling less than $150.)

If interested, please reach out today, as I only have time in my schedule for the a limited number of new clients. However, if you’re feeling a pull, I have a strong sense one of these spots is yours!

Send an email to set up a time to chat briefly, and get all the details for stepping into the Life that’s calling…

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