Dearest Beauty;

I hope your summer is flowing beautifully, filled with relaxation, joy and spiritual growth. Mine has been chock-full, mostly of the the spiritual growth kind–which is always that magical blend of bliss and upheaval!

I just got back from a pilgrimage to Glastonbury, England, where I traveled to sacred sites, and deep into my heart and soul…and honestly, haven’t quite landed yet .

Here’s a few photos, for a little taste, even if they don’t quite capture the true adventure:

A large piece of my physical healing this year has been around gut healing, and the most profound impact I’ve had to this end has been in the realm of a Parasite Cleanse. I’ve come to believe that the bulk of gut issues have to do with parasites that may have been with you for a lifetime. So gross, I know!

If you have bloating, constipation or loose, frequent stools, discomfort or gas on a near daily basis….you’re very likely in need of a parasite cleanse. 

One of the trickiest parts of healing your gut health has to do with the fact that whatever you’re accustomed to feels normal. And if you have a bit of improvement in this area, you figure you’re probably good. But are you? I encourage you to get honest about your digestive and elimination issues.

Healthy digestion means that you barely notice this function at all, and are energized by both eating and elimination. Healthy elimination means that your colon clears out completely on a daily basis, without pain, discomfort, watery stools or profuse gas and bloating. Is this you? If not, here are some things to consider…

Other symptoms associated with intestinal parasites, that may be impacting your health include:

Fatigue, headaches, skin issues, anxiety, sleep issues, autoimmunity, joint pain, urinary symptoms…a pretty comprehensive list. But I think that take-home is that if you’re having digestive issues, accompanied by any of these symptoms, they may be greatly alleviated by getting rid of those nasty parasites.

The other tricky thing about working with parasite elimination is thatconventional medicine barely acknowledges this issue at all, and medical testing is notoriously inaccurate. So if you have a suspicion that all is not right, you’re probably correct.

Gut health, and specifically a parasite cleanse needs to be undertaken as a project, where you commit to a period of time of clean eating. This entails cutting out sugar and other refined carbohydrates, while also taking herbs and other supplements to kill off the offending creatures. My general recommendation is a commitment of a minimum of 3 months.

I love the products from a company called CellCore, for yeast & parasite cleansing, and detoxifying the system from the die-off that occurs, leading to brain-fog and bloating. They are effective, with great tolerability and few side effects.

Later on in your gut healing process, there are plenty of wonderful products for repair of the gut wall, and replenishment of healthy bacteria.  But you can start now by including fermented vegetables into your diet, on a daily basis.

These are my tips for today. I’d love to hear your stories of gut healing, parasite cleansing, or if you have a great supplement that’s helped you to heal. Also, feel free to email me back with questions.

With Love and Healing,



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