Peri/Menopause: the Best Kept Secret!

Beautiful Woman;
If you’re currently suffering with hot flashes, sleeplessness, weight gain, low libido and other agonizing symptoms of Peri/Menopause, you may be wondering what I could possibly mean, referring to peri/menopause as, “the best kept secret.” But trust me…on the other side of all these symptoms, there awaits an oasis of calm and fluidity that you never dreamed possible in the height of your reproductive years.

Why? Because during the reproductive years, a woman’s body is constantly CYCLING: meaning your hormones are rolling up and down, up and down, like a roller coaster at the 4H Fair. And guess what’s cycling right along with your hormones…that’s right, your EMOTIONAL landscape!

This may be beautiful and poetic and all that it means to be a woman, yada, yada yada. BUT, it’s also an incredible energy drain that you’re probably not even aware of, because it’s such an integral part of your reality.

However, there’s another phase to your life, the next phase of your life, or the one that you’re currently pushed up against the wall of, that is free of this constant up and down, up and down, dizzying motion. There is an smooth, placid, stream of energy that awaits, and this is the beauty of Menopause.

Like any transition, it may feel scary or difficult or down-right intolerable. Change is generally not without it’s challenges. And…I’ll clue you in on a little secret: if you have a history of sexual trauma, mother wounding, birth trauma or other 2nd chakra disturbance, this transition is going to feel even more dramatic. Why? Because, uncomfortable symptoms are how your body gets your attention! This is how your inner wisdom gets you to stop, take notice, and finally do the deep healing that will bring full resolution, and therefore, health and wellbeing to your entire system.

Another reason menopause can be scary is because our culture dictates that women dry up in this phase of life, and lose their sexuality altogether. But is it true? In my experience of working with women over 25 years, decreased libido IS a normal part of the transition. However, on the other side, the nerve endings in your “pleasure-machinery” are just as exquisitely sensitive and alive. It may just take the right support, chemistry and connection to get things going.

I’m very excited to share more with you about this topic (especially the sexuality piece…) I love teaching women about how to grow more alive and vibrant in this phase of life.

So if you’re needing support or inspiration to find your balance in this phase, or to truly get healthy at this moment of life, you’re in luck!

I’m offering a handful of Complimentary Healing Awareness Callsto teach how to embrace this sacred transition, in order to become more whole, vibrant and alive.

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With Love and Healing,


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