Reclaim your FEMININE POWER with Flower Essences

Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

As women, we’re all searching for ways to heal.

And that’s because somewhere along the line, on some essential level, we’ve lost touch with our own power.

I’m talking about the great potential you’ve always sensed, deep in your heart – but has all too often felt out of reach.

Disconnection from our power source, from our wholeness…this is what causes dis-ease in the body, psyche and soul. This is the healing you’re ever in search of – the reclamation of your own power. And at this moment in history, there’s an unprecedented opportunity for all of us  – to fully find ourselves. This is the healing we’re ever in search of.

When it comes to women and healing, here’s what I know to be true: the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being can’t be separated. Misalignment in one area brings a global imbalance.

Just this morning, I was speaking with a client; an older woman who has been battling debilitating, chronic Lyme’s disease for years. She also happens to be in an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist. And not surprisingly, every time she leaves home, spending prolonged periods away from her marriage, her health radically improves .

You get how this works, right?!? Healthy situations begets health in all areas.

That’s why it’s so vital to ask yourself: where in my life have I lost touch with my power? Where do I feel impotent when it comes to creating change and health? You may be like my client and dealing with health issues that are manifesting as chronic illness, terrible periods, infertility or miserable menopause. And you may be feeling powerless about how you’re ever going to find relief. Searching for answers within our medical system can often compound the problem, because its’ basic view of health invalidates a woman’s wholeness.

Maybe you feel powerless in your relationship with food or body image, or around romantic relationships. Perhaps you feel stuck in your ability to generate prosperity or live in alignment with your true life purpose.

Wherever you experience powerlessness showing up in your life, that’s the perfect entry point for healing. I used to have a spiritual teacher that said, “Seeing (the issue) is 90% of getting free of it.” Once we can see and name the places where we feel powerless, we can open to support and guidance that will lead to true healing.

Over the past 20 years, my path to healing has more often than not, been ushered in by Flower Essences – the most powerful and elegant healer in Nature’s toolbox. They are the most exquisite remedy for women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health…as well as for reclaiming our power!

Just trying them out brings empowerment because they are so safe and easy to experiment with – with instant and amazing results! Here are a few essences that you might consider trying:

Centaury – this is the essence I use more than any other in my practice. Doctor Bach discovered its’ healing properties for this personality imbalance: those dominated by others, people-pleasing, in positions of servitude. I think of it for those who put other’s needs before their own. It will help you to find inner strength and healthy assertiveness. (Flower Essence Society or FES)

Easter Lilly – for those who feel sexually “impure” or have a split between their sexuality and spirituality. I have found it useful for women with herpes and other STIs who feel emotionally devastated by the diagnosis. (FES)

Hau – this is an essence I made with another woman’s healer in Maui. It helps with all feminine health issues including fertility, hormonal imbalance, menopause and sexual abuse recovery. It’s also indicated when birthing new aspects of ourselves. (

Weeds Mariposa Lilly – Connection to healthy maternal energy. For women who have toxic relationships with their mother. (

Motherwort  helps us to be connected with our healthy “NO”. Helps us to effortlessly erect healthy boundaries. I often use this essence in combination with Centaury, described above. (

Green Jasper – a gem essence, helps women connect their bodily rhythms with the Earth’s rhythms. Helps us connect with the wild feminine, restores sensuality and healthy sexuality. I’ve found it great for menopausal women complaining of low libido. (

“Goddess Within” – pretty self-explanatory. A combination formula, it helps us connect with our inner divinity. (

So take a stand for your healing and order an essence or two that you feel pulled toward, and then start experimenting. That’s how I got started, and it’s been a powerful love affair ever since.

With Great Love and Healing,


The FLOWER ESSENCE JOURNEY: a Healing Program to Reclaim your Feminine Power

  An Adventure into healing & growth

This is a 1-1 program, where I’ll guide and support you to step into the truth of immediate possibilities, growth, and the power to break free of dis-ease and constriction. Flower Essence Therapy is one of the most expedient routes for moving out of old, entrenched patterns, and stepping into the power to live life based on your deepest desires.

Over 6 months, we’ll meet once monthly, and I’ll guide you into areas that call for support and healing. One step at a time, I’ll provide intuitive guidance and hold space for deep and permanent transformation, ushered in by the a monthly flower essence formula and Wisdom Counseling.

If you’re intrigued about how this might work, I’ll give you an example of a recent client, Sarah, who signed up for the Flower Essence Journey. During our first session, she told me she was “losing her mind” as a caretaker to a mother with dementia and a child with special needs – with no space to breathe. She didn’t see any way out of her current misery. After our session, I made her a flower essence formula and gave her some meditative and practical exercises to work with at home.

At our next visit only 4 weeks later, she shared that her life was in a completely new place. She felt calmer, happier, and new opportunities were opening for work. She realized she needed to get back to making art, and started reengaging with old projects that she’d long abandoned. This is the magic of flower essences in action! And I’m so excited for our next visit when we’ll peel back the next layer, and I’ll help her see through her fear of failure. That’s how this path of growth and transformation proceeds.

If everything that I’ve shared has created a stirring inside of yourself, listen to that inner voice and take the step to reach out and learn more.

Because I’m dedicated to making this Program available to all those who feel a deep resonance, and believe it’s your time to step fully into your power, I’ve done my best to make it affordable and accessible.

If interested, please reach out today, as I only have time in my schedule for the a limited number of new clients. However, if you’re feeling a pull, I have a strong sense one of these spots is yours!

Send an email to: to set up a time for a brief phone chat to get all the details for stepping into your power.

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