Recover Your Feminine Health, 1:1 Call with Me

Beautiful Woman;
I know the frustration of living with a chronic health issue that holds you back from living your fullest life… a condition that no doctor has great solutions for, only medications and procedures that don’t feel like the right direction for you.

Tell me, have you been dealing with any of the following health conditions, for far too long?

Hormonal Imbalance
Bad periods
HPV/Cervical Dysplasia
Ovarian Cysts
Constipation/diarrhea/gut problems
Mystery Illness
Chronic Fatigue
Addictive/Emotional eating patterns

If you’ve been battling any of these ailments, and haven’t found full relief, I want you to ask yourself if you can also relate with any of these issues?

Relationship struggles
Narcissistic/Codependent patterns
A Mother Wound
Feeling stuck around your true purpose
Sexual trauma and it’s aftermath
Financial struggles

You see, your physical symptoms are not separate from the whole of you, the entire constellation of your being. They are an extension of your larger self, a part of your self that seeks expression and resolution.

Like my client Nerissa, an incredible artist, who came to me to heal her pelvic health, but in order to do so, had to confront the problems that were expressing through her symptoms.

Since working with Carla, I’ve reconnected to my sense of self, found safety in own body, healed my relationship with my mother, let go of a dead-end romantic relationship, and lost the incessant background noise of anxiety and insecurity. After tapping into my purpose in this lifetime, I feel more peaceful and powerful than ever, and have found my flow. And, I just found out that my uterine fibroid has disappeared! 

You see, this is how your body gets your attention. Just like this client, your body, in it’s infinite intelligence, has the capacity to fully and completely heal, given the proper remedies and support. But it won’t do so until you hear what your symptoms are attempting to express. Healing occurs once you take the necessary actions to create the lasting change that your soul is longing for.

If this sounds like a perspective that intrigues you, in order tofinally get your health back, and you’d like to understand on a deeper level…you’re in luck!

I’m offering a handful of Complimentary Healing Awareness Calls, to teach how this works. To show you how to heal your physical symptoms, at the same time that you expand in self-awareness and become more vibrant and alive.

But you’ll need to contact me today, because space is limited. Simply CLICK HERE to schedule your spot.

I look forward to meeting you there.

With Love and Healing,



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