Sexual Violation & YOUR Feminine Health…What’s the Connection?

Dear Natural Healing for Women Community;

Our culture is finally waking up to the pervasive issue of predatory sexual behavior and the deleterious effects it has on a woman’s psyche and spirit.

The sad truth is that dealing with sexual harassment is practically a rite of passage for most women in our culture, as demonstrated by the #metoo  phenomenon on Facebook.

But what’s not at all understood is the effect that sexual violation can have on a woman’s body — meaning her reproductive health. This has been my greatest interest for over twenty-five years, as I’ve helped women heal their bodies from a deeper level.

Because I learned early on while practicing medicine that women store emotional pain and trauma in their bodies. As one of my mentors says, “the 2nd chakra is the storehouse of our emotional past.” And of course, the 2nd chakra is the energetic center in the body that corresponds with the pelvic organs.

The very reason that I began studying alternative forms of healing such as Flower Essence Therapy and Maya Abdominal Massage was to address these underlying emotional and psycho-spiritual ailments that no pharmaceutical medication or surgical procedure could touch.

So…sexual violation and your feminine health…what’s the connection?

Everything! I know that you know that sexual violation has strong repercussions for your feminine health, even if you didn’t know that you knew it. But now that I mention it, I wouldn’t be surprised if you can feel this truth tingling in every cell of your body.

Because here’s another sad truth: most women in our culture have some kind of feminine health issue that plagues her: terrible periods, hormonal imbalance, chronic vaginal or bladder infections, infertility, cervical dysplasia, painful sex, fibroids, ovarian cysts, the list goes on and on.

Now think about the pervasiveness of sexual predatory behavior and the fact that sexual harassment, threat, abuse and even unwanted male attention has an impact in your body…especially with the most seemingly mundane things that may occur on a daily basis.

I know that as a young woman living in NYC, I encountered cat-calls on the street every single day, which on an energetic level is perceived as a threat and invasion that requires constant vigilance to repel.

Sexual violation can come by way of construction workers and bosses, but it can also come through those much closer in: brothers and fathers, husbands and boyfriends, and there doesn’t even need to be malicious intent.

If those creepy, icky, difficult feelings of sexual violation don’t have a channel or outlet, they will be stored somewhere inside. Because most of us were never given tools to express or release the feelings that we didn’t even know we were entitled to have! If you were never taught how to deflect unwanted attention and invasion of energy, you probably learned your best strategy was to absorb the discomfort.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of women that have absorbed sexual violation in their bodies, leading to dis-ease and imbalance. Here are a few such cases:

My patient with chronic vaginitis that nothing could cure, until she learned that her husband had been having affairs for years. She only got better after she finally found the strength to leave him.

My patient with endometriosis that had been sexually abused by a family friend at six years old, and yet it’s never been acknowledged by her family. Her pelvic organs are still “flaming” over it.

My client with horribly painful, heavy and nauseating periods that wiped her out, only to improve after she stood up to the ex-husband that was continuing to harass her.

Do you see how this works? Here’s another important piece to understand: our bodies REMEMBER. And this remembrance can even be passed down from generation to generation. Our bodies hold issues that may span back through our female lineage that never had an outlet for release.

Here’s my question to you: what have you stored in your body as a result of sexual violation? Is there a corresponding health issue that’s continued to plague you?
 If so, how will you reclaim your health by coming to a deeper understanding of that which needs to be expressed and released?

Answering this question requires so much self-love and compassion. It also needs to be placed within the context of history – back through time and centuries of patriarchal rule.Your current struggles can’t be separated from the ways in which we’ve collectively lost touch with our power and internalized the position of subordinate. For most of our history, this role has been linked to our very survival, which is why it’s continued to have potency.

Never before  in Western civilization have women had the opportunities to live on our own terms in the ways that we do. This gives us enormous responsibility – not only for our own lives but also for future generations.

If past or current sexual violation has taken root in your body, the massive sea-change in our culture is letting you know that it’s time to heal. It’s time to find the source of your ills, followed by true expression and release.

Know that there is a great gift in this healing — the gift of finding and reclaiming your Self on a deeper level. The gift is in learning about your heart and mind and maybe even your lineage in ways you never imagined.

Ultimately any feminine dis-ease can be traced back to the ways in which you’ve lost connection and identity with the Goddess…your own divinity. 

Here’s to the collective reclamation of your divine nature, standing in the fullness of your feminine power…today and always.

With Great Love and Healing,



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