Still Struggling with Weight? It’s Not Your Fault!

Did you know there are many billion dollar industries profiting off your body-dissatisfaction. But none more than the Dieting industry.

Dieting dictates that if you just had enough will power and discipline, you would easily keep the weight off. The underlying message is that if you were simply strong enough, you wouldn’t be overweight. This is the biggest lie perpetrated! But here’s the truth: there’s only a very small minority of women who can keep up this kind of rigor. And even for them, it’s an endless battle.

The real question worth asking is this: when it comes to your relationship with your body and food, how do you want to feel?

If you’re like me, it’s not enough to get down to a single-digit dress size. You’re ready to be done with the whole miserable trap! To give up the endless struggle, and finally find freedom and ease in your own skin. To feel normal around food – rather than guilty, bad or sneaking around.

Maybe you’ve attempted to accept your body the way that it is. But it still bothers you that you don’t feel as beautiful as you know you could. Or perhaps you can’t understand why you still feel the pull towards foods that are bad for you – like sugar and bread.

And you’re so tired of trying to dredge up the will power to restrict, only to lose a few pounds and then gain it back months down the road.

When I was locked in a vicious cycle of dieting and living by the numbers on the scale, I prayed for freedom from this whole paradigm. I knew there had to be a more intelligent and sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off.

I longed to be completely and utterly at ease with food, trusting myself to make empowered choices for my health and well-being.

And over many years, here’s what I learned: when you get to the real causes of what keeps you overweight, this is when you can finally let the whole thing go. And be free at last.

And I want you to know something else:



Years ago, when I still struggled with these issues, I wasn’t sure if it was possible for me.

I was always seeking out the next, best diet, food plan or “cleanse” in the hopes of being done with my struggles once and for all.

I would lose weight…for a time. But what I never found was a way to live with a sense of normalcy when it came to food and what I should be eating. I never found ease.

It seemed I was never able to

Can you relate?

Maybe it feels like you’ve tried everything when it comes to weight-loss. Maybe you’re frustrated because you know you’re smart, conscious and spiritual, and don’t feel like you should be wasting your time on something so mundane.

Well, here’s something I discovered that changed my life, and you should know it too:

There are basically just two root causes that are keeping you overweight. And once you learn what they are, and how they’re functioning in your life, you will have the KEY to unlocking your bondage into a new-found freedom and ease in your body and life.

I would be delighted to share more with you about these two root causes that keep women overweight – and how these might be affecting you personally.

For the next week and a half (ending February 16), I’m inviting ten women to book a free 45-minute “Weight-Loss Wisdom” session with me. If you are committed to transforming your relationship with your body and food so you can finally let go, experiencing the freedom and ease in your own skin click here to apply now.

During our session, we’ll be looking at:
~ What your biggest weight-loss challenges are
~ What may be keeping this cycle going
~ How to takes steps forward to create what you most long for

I don’t often offer this program and am not sure if/when I’ll make this offer again.

Apply here for a call with me and let’s get your body and life back on track.

Sending Love and Support,


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