“I came to Carla in February after being referred by a friend who had loved working with her.  After three years of trying to conceive, I had basically given up hope.  After having no trouble at all conceiving my first child, when my husband and I tried to have a second child we found ourselves catapulted into the incredibly painful world of infertility.  We went to fertility “specialists” who performed 4 failed IUIs and 3 failed IVFs.  The first 2 IVFs didn’t event produce 1 fertilized egg.  The 3rd try gave us one, which ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks.  At that point we were told that we should look into adoption and egg donation, and they shooed us out of their office as quickly as they could. 

After that traumatic experience I turned to a naturopath.  After a few months of having me take supplements, she saw that my FSH, which was high for someone my age (early thirties), didn’t seem to be changing.  So, she too gave up.  Needless to say, when I came to Carla, I was distraught and hopeless. 

From the minute I started working with Carla she gave me something I was deeply missing—hope.  She said the thing that deep down I believed all along, despite the fact that I was repeatedly told the opposite. Carla explained to me that my body wasn’t broken and that there was something else holding me back and so we began the healing process.  After speaking with Carla, she gave me dietary suggestions, one of which included ceasing to be a vegetarian.  I was so surprised since nobody else along the way had ever even noted that I was a vegetarian—I took Carla’s advice. 

Carla also helped me work through many painful feelings that I had from my daughter’s birth, which was a c-section.  She helped me work through painful losses that I had experienced shortly before we started trying to conceive, and we discussed other family issues I was harboring.  In addition she gave me flower essences and performed her Mayan massage. 

After working with Carla for 5 months, at the end of a session, she told me that she was going to make me a flower essence that related to what we had spoke about that session. But, she told me she had changed her mind.  She told me I was ready and that I had done all of the work I need to so she gave me a special essence that was for conception.  That month my husband and I naturally conceived twins.

During my pregnancy I had a significant scare and again Carla was there for me and helped me through that incredibly challenging time.  She told me when she saw me and put her hands over my stomach that she felt such a strong energy and she felt like my babies were going to be ok. 

I am writing now while sitting next to my beautiful baby girls who are a week old today.  I was able to give birth to them and had a birth entirely different than the first time, which I also credit to the healing I did with Carla—my body just did what it was supposed to and let them out.  They came early, so they still need to get a big bigger before we can all go home, but they are so strong—just like Carla said.  I can’t thank Carla enough for helping bring these beautiful girls into my life and for helping us grow our family.” 

D.D., teacher, Springfield, MA


“I started working with Carla in 2010. After years and years of chronic yeast infections, constipation, and sinus infections, I was on an almost daily regimen of very toxic drugs and I didn’t want to continue living in that way. From the moment I met Carla I knew my life and my well being would change. Our initial appointment lasted almost two hours and was completely comprehensive. I initially thought she’d only be able to help me with my chronic yeast, but she taught me that all of my symptoms were connected and that through the dietary changes and herbs she recommended, all of my conditions would improve. Well I felt completely better within a few days and haven’t taken any medication since!

More recently, my work with Carla shifted. My husband was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in January of 2013, and Carla immediately offered to help me. She invited me to her healing circles and sent me flower essences to help me in my new position of caregiver. She also did several phone sessions with me where she worked with the essences and I was able to process all of these very scary and difficult emotions as she worked. They were incredibly powerful.

My husband died on September 13, 2013 and again my work with Carla shifted. She now offered me new essences as I worked through the various stages of grief and healing. Because I’m in NY and she is in Massachusetts, we communicated on the phone. These hour long conversations were always so helpful, because again, Carla’s healing powers are immediate. Her energy is so calming, reassuring and wise. She asked me key questions to assess where I was at emotionally, and then created flower essence formulas that could help with my current challenges which included processing anger, hurt, fear, betrayal, sadness, loss, and many others. In addition, I struggled with binge eating in response to all that had happened, and her flower essences helped me process my feelings so that instead of turning to food, I could feel what I needed to feel in order to move forward.

Carla is a true healer. I’ve worked with her in person and on the phone, as well as table sessions as described above. Her intuitive wisdom, kindness, caring, and comprehensive knowledge of women’s struggles both medically and emotionally is profound.

I’ve gone through some of the most difficult experiences of my life and felt so low that I never thought I’d smile again. But thanks to Carla, I can say that I’m finally feeling whole again, with hope for my future.”

— Julie M., highschool teacher, Brooklyn, N.Y. 


“Carla is an open and compassionate listener. She’s able to offer both knowledgeable healing advice and soul-deep reflection. The energy and flower essence work she did with me were equally effective in-person and over the phone, which meant we could have a session whenever and wherever I needed.

I had been experiencing intense discomfort from fibroids and an ovarian cyst, and hadn’t been able to sleep through the night frequently because of it. This had been going on for over a year.

In a Maya Abdominal Massage session Carla felt something in my abdomen that she said wasn’t a fibroid, and she encouraged me to get it checked out. None of the doctors were able to feel what she had, and only until I’d had extensive testing, were they able to get a diagnosis for me. Her hands can sense things that most people cannot! It’s been wonderful to have a supportive guide along the path of healing, when for me interacting with the medical field tends to be anxiety-producing and frustrating. She provided a steady balance for me during this time.

Then, during our first flower essence session, Carla encouraged me to talk very thoroughly about the trauma I experienced in my past, most specifically about the sexual abuse I suffered as a little girl, and the off-handed way my family handled it when I told them. At one point I said to her, “I can’t believe I’m 41 years old and this stuff is still so alive in me! I’ve done so much work on myself. Shouldn’t I have healed from this already??”

Carla’s response was simply to say, “But, Maia, it was a lot.” The relief I felt from her response, and the way in which I felt honored and deeply heard by her in this session was an amazing experience.

Even more amazing, though, is that ever since that session, three months have gone by without the pain returning or a single sleepless night. And despite the fibroids and the cyst, my periods have even been improving. I haven’t changed my diet, or taken any new supplements — and the improvement happened before I received my first beautiful blue vial of flower essences. Something mysterious occurred in the exchange Carla offered my during the session that began the healing in just an hour.”

— Maia M., Emotional Eating Coach, New Paltz, N.Y.


“While I’ve only been working with Carla for about 6 months now, I think I can honestly say that she has changed my life. And that there is magic in those flower essences that she sends me each month.

I came to Carla seeking her help on two psycho-spiritual life challenges: deep-seated abandonment issues (exacerbated by the fact that my man had just left me) and a history of emotional eating (well… ditto!). At the time, I felt overwhelmed by both and completely lost. Desperate, a few months earlier, I had even — albeit reluctantly — gone back into more traditional psychoanalytic “talk therapy”… which I immediately quit after just a month or two of working with Carla. I found that her gentle approach, her wisdom and her way of zeroing in on profound emotional and spiritual dilemmas got right to the heart of the matter. And what felt like almost effortless work with Carla — thanks to our easy discussions, her perceptive insights and those magical flower essences — was propelling me forward in ways that conventional psychotherapy never could. Not for me anyway.

The work we’ve been doing together is very deep. It should be difficult; it should take forever. And while facing that stuff can often be painful, having an ally and guide like Carla — who is such a compassionate, intuitive, extremely sensitive, nonjudgmental and truly loving human being — makes it seem as if many of those emotional deadlocks are just falling away.

I have no idea how she concocts the vibrational elixirs in those little blue bottles of hers, with names like “Insight,” “Rightful Place” and “I AM Love.” But they feel like precious gifts from the Universe. And I’m even beginning to feel like maybe I am love!

I have never met Carla in person. I only see her smiling face on my computer screen once a month. Nevertheless, I feel incredibly close to her. And her wisdom and transformational artistry seem to have no difficulty soaring 3,627 miles across the ocean whenever I need her. She is a gem!”

Rosie R., Writer/translator, Paris, France


“The first time I saw Carla for my hormonal imbalance issues, I was so grateful for her intent and compassionate listening. It was such a relief to be heard! Then she went on to prescribe herbs that were very effective – more relief! After that, when anybody told me they had a feminine health issue, I heartily recommended Carla.

Now, years later, I’ve come to her for help with more global life issues wanting to approach my physical, psychological and spiritual challenges from an energetic point of view. As before, I’m moved by her ability to listen and understand and accept, and I feel nourished by her compassion.

The power of the work with the flower essences has been a big surprise for me. They work in such a subtle way, but on such a deep level. Changes have occurred in my thinking, in my relationships and in my body, with old patterns just dissolving away. Some of these shifts are so profound I’m shocked when I think of what’s happened, yet they happened with such ease.

The insights you’ve offered are illuminating and intelligent while the suggestions you make are in sync with my own approaches and respectful of me and what I know about my own body and psyche. I have great respect for your talents and wisdom which makes me all the more grateful that when working with you I have no sense of hierarchy; instead, I feel that we are in a healing partnership, and that partnership has been very effective.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Carla to anyone who seeks healing, and I am deeply grateful that I’ve been able to work with her – and know her!”

— Susannah H., Writer, New York, N.Y.


“I first consulted with Carla in early 2005. I was immediately impressed by her skill, as she successfully cleared up a chronic abdominal pain I had been experiencing for several years, using a technique called Maya Abdominal Massage. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable about a broad range of women’s issues, as well as very warm and empathic.

We then went on to work together using flower essences. Carla is wonderfully intuitive – she is a very wise woman and I consider her a trusted advisor. She is very easy to talk to and I always look forward to our monthly sessions where our topics range from the spiritual to the practical. The flower essences she prescribes, based on our visits, have been invaluable in my personal growth and healing. In short, I can think of few people I would recommend more highly than Carla.

Kathy R., Professional Organizer, Northampton, MA


“Meeting Carla was a turning point in my journey to become a mother. I had been doing fertility treatments at 2 clinics. I felt pretty exhausted physically and emotionally, and not very hopeful about my ability to conceive. Carla is a very well rounded practitioner. Her knowledge and experience treating women’s gynecological issues combined with her knowledge of herbs, Flower Essences and Maya Massage was the perfect combination to address my fertility issues. Carla’s treatment was beneficial and supportive in many different ways. It was truly holistic in that it supported my body, emotional and spiritual well being.

From the moment I stepped into her office I felt relaxed, welcomed and supported and after my first session with her something had changed inside me and I left my appointment feeling hopeful.

Her Maya massages were wonderfully relaxing and also physically and emotionally healing. The herbs and Flower Essences were very important in addressing my emotions at the time, and the anxiety and sadness associated with the fertility treatments. Carla also made some nutritional recommendations that I believe were pivotal in my health and helped me to ultimately conceive.

I can’t say enough to convey how much Carla’s treatment helped me. I believe with all my heart that Carla’s treatment as well as her empathy and understanding were a turning point in my journey and helped me become a mother. She will always have a special place in my heart.”

Debora B., Teacher, Brooklyn, N.Y.


“Carla is an amazing healer. She is attuned to both body and soul. Her knowledge of western and alternative medicines makes her a wonderful resource for the many issues women face today. Her powerful practice of mayan uterine massage has been pivotal in my transitioning from fertility to menopause. Her knowledge and use of flower essences and other herbal formulas has proved tremendously supportive and healing. Working with Carla has been rich, deep and transformational. I love how real she is and how sensitive she has been to the challenges of life’s journey. I am so happy to have found her. A bed of warm roses to wrap myself in.”

Valerie C., Psychotherapist, New York, N.Y.


“While I initially came to Carla for help with specific, physical issues, it quickly became apparent that her incredible understanding of both traditional medicine and alternative healing, along with her attentiveness and undeniable compassion, would come to support and heal me in much more profound ways.

Carla has consistently demonstrated her knowledge of both long-standing and cutting-edge western medical practices and tendencies. As an expert in the properties of flowers and minerals, Carla has a deep working knowledge of and commitment to helping her clients grow, heal, sturdy themselves through the use of tailor-made essences. I am living proof that the physical, emotional, and physiological results of these essences are real. Carla is continuing to help me tackle everything from chronic yeast infections and urinary tract infections to anger, grief, and creative resolve. Indeed, the true reaches of Carla’s capabilities are best evidenced in the ways in which she understands and responds to the interdependency of the body, mind, and spirit. As a fellow mother, Carla recognizes the challenges we all face in our day-to-day lives as caregivers. She is validating of the difficulties of mothering and yet encouraging of the ways in which we must proactively and skillfully take responsibility for what we need and want for our families and ourselves. All of her medicinal and curative expertise aside, her presence alone has been and continues to be tremendously grounding for me. She is reassuring, conscientious, and simply lovely to know.

Working with Carla has been a blessing in every sense of the word. When thinking of the bewilderment that often accompanies pregnancy, birth, and the early days of mothering,
I cannot imagine someone better suited to respond to the needs of new moms
than Carla.”

Liesl S., English Professor, Brooklyn, N.Y.


“I see Carla for monthly Mayan uterine and abdominal massage. What a gentle and healing way to support this important area of my body. Ongoing treatments make a huge difference for me: almost no PMS, reduced cramps, and smoother, more regular periods.

I have also been working with Carla and flower essences to heal some deeper life issues. This is subtle yet powerful work, where the essences offer gentle support to clear out old thought patterns, feelings and beliefs that have been holding me back. Carla works in a thoughtful, intuitive, collaborative way that makes every session safe and interesting. I always come away inspired, with important, new information about myself. I am so thankful!”

Lesley M., Producer, New York, N.Y.