The secret to thriving in Peri-menopause isn’t a hormone cream, an herbal formula, or a cure-all supplement. It isn’t more yoga or self-care or even more sex. All of these things are wonderful, and definitely helpful, but not the secret to true thriving.

Actually, Peri-menopause isn’t even really a “thing.”

You see, there are women who never get symptoms at all, and just slip into the time of their life when they stop getting periods, without skipping a beat. There are entire cultures where these symptoms don’t even exist. So what makes them different from YOU???

Here’s a clue: hormonal health is deeply connected with your emotional health on a physiological level. And emotional health doesn’t mean “happiness” per se. What it does mean, is being present with your truth, moment by moment, and being able to flow with the expression of your emotions. But the question is: Does your life support your truth, flow and expression?

Here’s another clue from the brilliant tome, The Wisdom of Menopause by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

“Our hormones are giving us an opportunity to see, once and for all, what we need to change in order to live honestly, fully, joyfully, and healthfully in the second half of our lives. This is the time when many women stop doing what I call “stuffing” –stifling their own needs in order to tend to everybody else’s…
If, however, a woman cannot face the changes she needs to make in her life, her body may find a way to point them out to her, lit up in neon and impossible to ignore.”

This is exactly what I have observed, over 30 years of working with women in this phase of life. Peri-menopause is SUCH a powerful time to take stock of your life, and make the changes that need to be made. Otherwise, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Again, quoting Dr. Northrup,

“...we attract precisely the illness or problem that best facilitates our access to our inner wisdom — a phenomenon that is both awe-inspiring and sometimes terrifying.”

This is what I’ve seen as well. Both in my own life, and in the lives of my clients. But it doesn’t have to get to the point of crisis! Which is why I feel compelled to share the real SECRET of thriving in Peri-menopause.

And here it is…

The secret to thriving in Peri-menopause is…(drumroll please)


That’s right…Alignment.

As in:

Alignment with your Soul
Alignment with your True Self
Alignment with your sacred purpose
Alignment with why you’re HERE, at this moment in time.

The women that I see thriving in Peri-menopause are the women who are in ALIGNMENT.

Okay, so let’s dig into this.

What keeps you from your TRUTH and ALIGNMENT? What keeps you from thriving at this stage of life? 

Here’s a short list:

Cultural Conditioning
Family of Origin Programming
Age-old misogyny
Unconscious Contracts with loved ones
History of Trauma
Toxic relationships
Doubts and Fears (that you can achieve your true Desires)
And more….

This is the real work in Peri-menopause, in order to achieve true health in this phase of your LIFE.

To take stock, re-evaluate, and come into TRUE ALIGNMENT with your soul’s calling.

This is exactly what I help women discover. Alignment is where you find true health and vibrancy at midlife and beyond.

What’s your experience? If any of the above resonates with you, I would LOVE to hear from you.

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Also, feel free to pass this information along to friends and family that are in need of this profound healing.

With Love and Healing,


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