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Dear Holistic Healing Tribe,
If you’re anything like me, it’s that time of year that you’re making plans and resolutions that will improve your heath and life. And perhaps, this includes ways to feel better about your physical appearance and the body you live in.

While this is a beautiful intention, have you ever noticed that the desire to lose weight feels like it has dark undertones? Oh…maybe that’s because there’s a billion dollar diet industry profiting off of your perpetual body-dissatisfaction. You’ve probably become wise to this fact, which is why “dieting” has gone largely out of favor, replaced with the more innocuous “eating plan” or “cleanse”. But no matter what you call it, the strategy of restriction for weight loss generally leads to a repetitive cycle of discouragement and failure.

It makes me sad to see some of the most intelligent and enlightened women I know reveal their shame and disempowerment when it comes to their weight and struggle with food. It especially disturbs me to see these same women jumping on the latest diet-fad or cleanse, that will ultimately lead them back down the same path of shame and body-loathing.

And yet, I completely understand the sense of helplessness that keeps you on the dieting merry-go-round because you see, I was this woman. Actually, I was her for a very, very long time….

It started young… thirteen when I first dieted, and over the years my habits devolved into an eating disorder that took me far into the waters of self-destruction. My recovery was gradual, but ultimately I knew that I had to find a way out. It was no longer about just being thin. It was about being FREE of the entire struggle that kept me trapped in a painful and severely limited inner world.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. For me, the wisdom appeared within a book by the brilliant Geneen Roth.

It was then that I learned to let go of the dieting mentality, regain the ability to eat intuitively, and go beneath my struggles with food and my body, in order to understand and “sit with” the emotions that kept the destructive cycle alive.

You see, it was only once I learned that I could tolerate and “be with”  the feelings I had been using food to mask, that I no longer needed the food/body struggle as the stage upon which I played out my difficult feelings of shame, discouragement and the sense of being out of control. And guess what…I’ve been my ideal weight ever since! Actually, I’ve only gotten thinner and stronger over time. And although my eating habits have changed over the years, I’ve never again had any struggle with food. Ever again!

Now I can imagine what you might be thinking…this is tricky stuff…not for those unwilling to look deeply into their own sh*t. Yes–you are absolutely right!! But the good news is that it will truly be some of the most rewarding growth work you’ll ever do in your life. And you will gain so much self-empowerment, which will serve you in all of your endeavors from here on in.

Interested to learn more? If so, you’re in luck!
If you’re tired of the up and down, weight-loss/weight- gain merry-go-round, and are in need of guidance and support for a sustainable solution, please reach out for support today.

In honor of all women looking to break free of the dieting paradigm and find the solution to: feel GREAT in your body, break completely FREE from struggle with food, and put your energy into that which is truly important in life, I’m offering 3 complimentary, Weight-loss Wisdom Sessions, to help you gain clarity around how to lose weight sustainably and let go of the struggle once and for all.

Simply hit “reply” and write “schedule me” to reserve you spot now.
Wishing you freedom from the struggle, today and always.

With Great Love and Healing,


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