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Dear Natural Healing Tribe,

This is a great time to take stock of your health and healing goals for the upcoming year. I know that I’ve already been making my lists and plans, just this very morning!

So, I was excited to be asked to participate in this online interview series called: Wellness Your Way online show, which begins right at the beginning of the year. It’s all about making choices for your health and wellness that are going to work for YOU.

The series wants to help you:

Avoid spending time and money on solutions to improve your health that just don’t work.

Learn how to finally heal and feel great. 

Learn how to finally lose that extra weight.

If any of these issues have been yours, then you should definitely check out this interview series Wellness Your Way online show.

It’s a free online audio series designed to help you create the healthiest life you have always imagined!

My colleague Liz Ferguson has interviewed over 20 experts (including me!) who provide key information that supports you as you go forward on your wellness journey.

The series focuses on some of the following topics:

  • how your thoughts affect your health
  • foods that nourish you and help you lose weight
  • movement to keep you healthy that does not feel like exercise
  • how your gut health affects everything
  • when breathing is all you really need
  • self care that is more than massages and pedicures
  • how toxins wreck havoc on your health

Click here to gain access to this free online event  

It all starts on January 4th 2019 and is a great way to start your year!    
Sending Love and Health for the New Year and beyond.

P.S. I’m the speaker on January 17th. So grab your spot now so you don’t miss my interview!


FREE 1-1 Call With Me 

I still have some openings for complimentary calls before the end of the year.

If you feel the need to get to the root of your health issues…please don’t hesitate to reach out!


If you’ve been ignoring or pushing through lingering health issues that no doctor seems to detect or know how to help…

If you’ve tried seemingly EVERYTHING – herbs, acupuncture, energy healing, nutrition, etc. – but NOTHING is really changing.

If you know deep down that you have the power to heal from the inside out, but not sure how to proceed……then let’s talk.

The work I do is very deep, and beyond the realm of where most doctors and alternative practitioners go.

That’s why I’m offering a handful of complimentary 1-1 Health Consultations.
 Simply hit reply and say “schedule me!” if you’d like to claim one of them!

I want you to have the experience of being truly seen and heard and understood, because I know how frustrating it can be to have symptoms and pain that goes untreated with no clear answers.

In this one phone call, we’ll have the opportunity to talk in depth about your health issues, while I hold space with intuitive listening. I’ll then provide insight about where the energetic blockages are, and a pathway towards eliminating your symptoms and transforming your health and life.

Hit reply to claim your complimentary, no-strings-attached phone session.

One of my favorite sayings, and what’s so important to know is,
“The issues live in the tissues.” 


Until we address those issues that take up residence in our cells and deplete our life force energy, we won’t truly heal.

Wishing you great health and healing, so that you may thrive in the life that you were meant to live,


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